Make Mine Marvel

I kinda like that Obama called Kanye a jackass.  Know why?  Because he is.  I like this side of him.  Obama, not the jackass.

Kinda like how he handled Joe Wilson’s retarded outburst.  Kinda like him sinking an unscripted, non-rehearsed three pointer in front of a 60 Minutes camera crew.  Kinda like his speech about Reverend Wright when everyone anticipated some sorta Mea Culpa.    He’s so fucking cool.

Wouldn’t it be the damn dickens to eavesdrop on the pillow talk between he and the first lady?  You know that would be some funny and revealing shit.  She’s hot.  A long limbed beauty with a booty.  What really informs her sexiness though, is her intelligence and subtle strength.  Michelle Obama possess a certain physical grace, but it is her emotional deftness and intellectually adroit approach, evidenced by the shine of her smile, the shimmer in her eyes and the subtle edge of her tongue.  She comports herself likes she’s been America’s first black First Lady since she was eighteen.  A beauty Queen with a big ass brain.  I adore her.

Were I Obama, I would have chased that until the road ran out too.  His wife speaks volumes about him.  Not so much because he was able to make an honest woman of her, more to do with her allowing herself to be exclusive to him forever.  He was no doubt an impressive man when they met.  A conspicuous education, but the pedigree potential of a hospital administrator or assistant DA maybe.  He wasn’t exactly presidential for reasons obvious and reasons less than.  Feel me?

I doubt that Michelle Obama is a woman who takes any shit, not from her husband and not from anyone else.

I have been impressed with her from day one.  They appear to be a gorgeous family unit.  I believe with all my fibers that we are lucky to have them in the White House.  When she said she was proud of her country for the first time, I understood exactly what she meant.  You bet.  Fuckin’ A.  Me too.  First time in a long time.

I wonder how the average American woman estimates our president’s hotness.  He’s tall and athletic, but he looks a little goofy to me.  That is until he opens his mouth.  The greatest orator of our time.  It’s not just rhythm, cadence and lilt, it’s substance and yes, soaring inspirational rhetoric.  I venture those who would despise him do so because they are confused by his charisma and threatened by his prowess.  A half African American president who embodies the antithesis of their previous stumbling and bumbling champion in every single way.

Smart, where Dumbya was well, dumb.  Articulate where Bush was um, dumb and lacked eloquence altogether.  Lucid as opposed to clueless.  In control and on the case, whereas monkey boy spent a third of his tenure on vacation, pants around his ankles, while Cheney and company did whatever the fuck they wanted.  Before, during and after every national disaster on their watch.  You, know, murder, torture, war profiteering, hurricanes, stage four financial cancer and stealing candy from babies of war veterans.

Humans with compassion and wisdom instead of a carnival of assholes.

Big stupid toast and the sigh of brainrot.  Superman vs. Karl Rove or Max Headroom.

People Magazine vs. National Geographic.

This compare and contrast is exactly why they hate him.

Politics certainly ain’t what it used to be.  I remember disagreeing on policy and issues but this game of vilifying one’s opponent with the powderless ammunition of nothing but perceived or exaggerated moral or ethical imperatives is nonsense.  It’s a cheap and tawdry counter to the people’s best interest.  There exists no legitimate place for it.  Manchildren like Beckerhead, The Human Shitsmear and Hannity propagate it for nothing other than profit.  They have no shame.

Elected officials purvey such less than fine filth without conscience or even a single eye towards consequence.  They don’t give a mad fuck what happens should we not enact  new law dealing with the inequities and egregious avarice of contemporary health care.  These people would oppose anything at any cost to defeat the magic negro, regardless of the total due to their own constituents.  They will, without reservation, break the backs of the same people who elected them, to hand our first progressive half African American President a Waterloo.

Such singleminded, disciplined adherence to demagoguery reminds me of only one modern regime.  Irony is it’s the same one they consistently and ignorantly hurl at any and all who endorse what is best for everyone including them.  It just keeps going round and round.  Where she stops, nobody knows.

It’s wearing me the fuck out.  Conventional wisdom, common sense and the responsible polls, eat me Rassmusen, tell us the majority of America is overwhelmingly in favor of what this administration attempts to advance.  It’s what we voted for.  It’s what we want.  We delivered a voluntary popular mandate.  What happened was, we espoused free will.

So they lie, they obfuscate and they conceal and confound.  And not a goddamn thing gets done because Democrats are almost as filthy and far more spineless.  Obama tells us change must happen from the top down, not the bottom up.  Ketchup little tomato.  We don’t like the way you fight.  Even democrats wonder if you’re a sissy and that’s just  an emasculation proclamation.

I guarantee you a fighting force if you just announce the charge.  What are you waiting for?  Stop fucking around with Republicans and wiping Blue Dog asses and while you’re at it tell Max Baucus to blow me.  Why aren’t you out in front proclaiming the Baucus bill is utter shite?  Why?  Kick this ludicrous circus out of town and get on with it.  You wanna be the next Jimmy Carter, with a majority in both houses?  You have a majority of both citizens and lawmakers.  A mandate entirely different than Dumbya declared.  Your detractors hate and fear you and that will not change no matter what you do.  Let’s go goddamnit.  Time to get on with it.

Let’s do as much damage as we can and not worry about what happens next.  Just like them.  Time for rubber to meet road.

Bring it.

Drinks for my friends.

34 Responses to “Make Mine Marvel”

  • Ralph:

    Everything you said the opposition to your socialist agenda does your side does in spades.
    Your side is all about destruction and the lessening of personal freedom and liberty.
    What about it there Mike?
    Are you going to deny you support a micro chip in every hand? Why not right? After all that Christian shit is all a big myth anyway right? Kinda like Santa right?
    It would be mandatory under this health care crap.
    You are not in a majority Mike.
    Obama did not get a mandate either Mike.
    Remember about 30% of eligible voters stayed home this last election with the majority of those being conservative voters who would not vote for McCain. The majority of those who voted for Obama was a scant 33% of the population and a scant 30% showed up and voted for McCain with the rest voting for lesser known candidates like Ron Paul.
    That leaves Obama with not a mandate at all which is evidenced in the over a million people showing up last weekend to protest this administration’s out of control spending and health care machinations.
    You assert that there is a majority of people who favor allowing themselves to be fettered into a government run health care system.
    You keep believing that shit Mike.
    You cannot just repeat something over and over to make it true. Not in this instance. Your side fooled the American people into electing the most corrupt, anti American bunch of Maoists that are running around in the white house but America is not fooled.
    Obama was elected to govern center left and not to govern from the far left as it is and you desire it to be so.
    You are wrong Mike.
    You Loser Marxist fuck.

  • admin:

    Actually that’s not true. My side does not lie.

    My side does not propagate the idea of death panels when it’s well understood to be untrue. My side does not lie about some bullshit tea bagger rally when the best estimate is at best 60,000, by saying attendance was two million plus.

    My side does not lie by framing the issue as a government takeover of health care. Or that it will pay for abortions or that it provides care for illegal aliens. By the way, if you weren’t so willfully ignorant, you’d already understand that we already do in fact, pay for the health care of illegal aliens.

    My side doesn’t insist on perpetuating lies like or president is anything other than Christian or born anywhere but Hawaii.

    Your assertion that a microchip would somehow be mandatory is pure paranoid crap. If you would pay a modicum of attention to what I write instead of constructing such elaborate albeit one note arguments that barely address the topic, you’d see that I have plenty of reservations about how the whole health care debacle is being handled.

    As an example you take so much bullshit dignity in pointing out that 30% sat out the last election. Duh, retard. Do you realize how relatively low that number is? Do you understand how historically high the actual turn out was?

    Big picture Ralph, big picture you retard.

    Americans are lazy and apathetic. They don’t vote, dumbass.

    You ask me, with earnest immaturity of I understand what such numbers mean. What they mean is an unprecedented number of people who give a fuck actually voted last time and an unprecedented number who hadn’t given a fuck all the sudden did.

    What part of Obama’s goal for a deficit neutral plan did you not understand or hear? He said he would sign no bill that wasn’t precisely that.

    You’re an asshole Ralph and that’s fine, but you’re a stupid one and I hate that. You do just enough digging to support your paranoid malicious delusions.

    I’m done with you and your stupidity Ralph. Continue to insult me or my people/family and you’re gone. Insist on posting these intellectually lazy and dishonest straw man rebuttals and I’ll simply ignore you.

    You are wasting my time. You must have gotten beat up a lot in school.


  • admin:

    While we’re on the subject, care to explain yourself for the last time you quoted a Rasmussen poll?

    You know, the one that didn’t factor the president’s speech? The one that said in the text that it didn’t and wouldn’t for days?

    Remember Ralph?


    This is how you waste my time Ralph. You don’t even read your own shit, much less spend appropriate time reading mine.

    You’re a fool and an idiot Ralph. A waste of both your and my breath. Come here with something real or don’t bother, stop arresting the rest of us with a brain.

    My previous declarations still stand; bring it real or go fuck yourself.

    Best of luck dwelling in the margins.


  • Ralph:

    Look Mike, don’t get your red little panties all in a bunch.
    First and foremost I did not insult your family.
    I insult you because you are so stupid and vacuous and why would I do this?
    It is because you are just parroting the lies that are being spewed from the left.
    That you are thoroughly convinced that you are 100% right about Obama, that he is without question the most amazing leader ever and should not be questioned, that this nation gave him some sort of “Mandate” and that there were not that many people at the tea party protests and not that many people who are against Obama’s radical hard left agenda, protesting his despicable spending and healthcare plan and all other opinions are 100% wrong and part of the vast stupid great unwashed, speaks volumes about what kind of malevolent and nasty little piece of business you must truly be. That you actually believe people favor Obama’s health care plan is laughable too.
    Do you actually think for one NY minute that you and the left have and could have everything “Under control” should you guy and gals be allowed to have totally control over every cotton picking aspect of everyone’s lives? Do you really believe that there is no effort on the part of the extreme left that there is no desire to destroy this country?
    You’ve said it yourself Mike that you wish to destroy this nation.
    Do you actually believe the vast majority of Americans will just roll over and allow this to happen?
    Do you really believe that regular people who work hard every day, make as much money as they can, save it as much as they can, supporting their families and wish to live as free people under the current US constitutional guarantees actually will go for being forced into a healthcare system that is a government run system, taking away any personal freedoms when it comes to their own personal choices and needs?
    That’s what this is all about there fella’. I don’t give a rat’s ass about what lies the head bull shitter in charge spews. I and the rest of the majority of the nation ain’t buyin’ it.
    Are we clear here my little red panty wearing, Mao worshiping friend?
    You can bullshit some folks but you are NOT going to bullshit most of us
    That all being said and for the record:
    I sincerely wish your family good luck with your father’s full and (Hopefully), speedy recovery. That is a real bad break that none of the guys like your dad should have to go through. Broken ribs are extremely painful, I know, I’ve had three episodes of broken ribs thus far in my life. Each time seemed worse than before. I think it has to do with age. Your pop should start to feel better soon though. It all just about time Mike as you know and the doctors have told you all.
    I know you don’t believe this but I will remember his needs in my devotionals regardless of whether or not you hate and wish to harm folks like me.

  • kit:

    I too wish your father well.—–I guess we all can’t be as well-versed as you when it comes to politics. I take from both sides and make my own decisions. I watch ALL the networks and read a VARIETY of newspapers and come to my own conclusions. Is that allowed here? For instance: Using taxpayers’ hard earned dollars and getting us more into debt by going to war (iraq) that the majority of Americans thought was without significant purpose is inexcusable. Still sound like a far right winger…

  • admin:

    @Ralph: How many times do I have to point out that I don’t think Obama is perfect and I have many reservations about his policies before you get it?

    Thanks for the kind words regarding my father.

  • admin:

    @kit: Thanks for the kind words about my father. We’re on the same page about the Iraq war.

  • Ralph:

    Come on Mike?
    You’ve been a shrill mouthpiece for any and all things Obama period.
    The problem for you is that he’s slipping away in his poll numbers every day.
    Cap and Trade= a bad idea and it’s all Obama and you support it.
    Government run health care= another really bad idea and it’s all Obama and you support it.
    Capitulation to North Korea and Russia=another bad idea that you support
    Involvement with Acorn= another bad idea that you support Mike.
    Putting anti American Marxist czars on the white house staff like Van Jones that you support.
    Not drilling for more oil and making us more dependent on foreign imported oil which you support.
    It goes on and on but why bother with trying to remind you? It’s futile. You support everything Obama has done that destroys our country and constitution.

    Do you deny you said you’d like to see our country destroyed?
    Then you start talking about how sexy Mrs. Obama is. Please explain how that has ANYHING WHAT SO EVER, to do with anything important other then to serve your perverse notions of reality?
    I mean really Mike, the North Koreans and the Russians are making the USA an international laughing stock and all you can think about is this kind of shit?
    Obama is planning to destroy this nation through his plans to “Protect” the environment by Cap and trade as well as destroy the nation’s healthcare system thus bankrupting this nation’s very economic core in the process and all you can do is agree like a good little Obama-sheeple and go back to pontificating about the first lady’s ass?
    European nations love Obama because he wants to destroy the USA like all European nations wish to see happen.
    What kind of nit witted moron are you man that you cannot see this?
    I’ve suggested you crack open a history book or two that are not authored by Brinkly or Zinn. I implore you man, read some fucking history that is objective!
    That means you have to read as much of ALL views as possible.
    You are a Kool-aid drinking Marxist Obama-bot Mike.
    Look in the mirror, admit it and then at least you will be honest.
    For you to say you otherwise is a friggin’ joke man!

  • admin:

    I’m not sure why I waste my time with you.

    I’ve never even written about cap & trade much less endorsed it.

    I’ve barely written about North Korea or Russia and certainly never supported “capitulation”.

    I’ve never written about ACORN.

    None of these issues are even listed in my categories.

    I support a public option or the expansion of medicare but certainly not a government takeover of health care.

    Where do you get this shit?

    Bush had czars, more than Obama, Reagan had them and there’s really nothing wrong with the short hand term for various policy advisers.

    Domestic oil drilling is neither a short nor long term answer for energy.

    Over and over you humiliate yourself and waste my time.

    Legitimate issues will be addressed, all others will be ignored starting now.

    My kingdom for someone with a brain who can disagree in an intelligent and civil manner.

    Fucking retard.

  • Ralph:

    Did you get the business 101 analysis of the health care plan?
    Did you miss that part sparky?
    Your so fucking dumb and blinded by your Marxist anti American ideology that you REFUSE to see that Obama is all about lies and deception.
    What do you think will happen if you have to pay your completion while competing (That’s why they call it competition), with them?
    Do you even believe that lie that a private company can compete with a governmental program?
    And you call me retarded????
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a fucking loser Marxist little shill you are.
    How about allowing private companies to offer services across state lines?
    That would open things up to REAL competition between over 300 insurance companies.
    No public government run option like you are so fond of.
    That’s a real solution. Private insurance companies stay in business, people get a more affordable rate and the lousy government has no hand in it all except to collect taxes which it would do any way.
    Also real tort reform needs to happen.
    That would lower costs too.
    While I am no fan of GWB, he never had a single fucking Communist czar like Obama presently has and has had. GWB or any other president never had any Socialist wing nuts like Obama has.
    I don’t have a problem with the czars until now when they have all been anti-american Marxists/socialists.
    Yes I know there is a difference but there are also more similarities then differences.
    You support everything including this president’s capitulation to the whole world while speaking at the UN today.
    He and all who support him are a total disgrace to this nation.

  • admin:

    Ralph has a tiny penis, Ralph has a tiny penis…….everybody clap and sing along…..


  • kit:

    nice productive comment. must mean that you are starting to squirm.
    @ ralph
    yes on private insurance co. offering services across state lines
    yes on tort reform
    yes on him having left wing extremist socialist czars
    yes on acorn- what a bunch of corrupt creeps.
    yes on UN

  • Kim:

    I’m not sure if I did that right. But cut and past if not.

  • admin:

    @kit: Oh yeah, I’m squirming.
    By the way, insurance litigation accounts for less than three tenths of one percent of total medical expenditures. Just another example of insurance companies jerking your chain.

    I have no problem with insurance companies crossing state lines.

    Name me a “socialist” czar but look the word up first for chrissakes.

    Are you aware that any and all potential voter registration fraud was detected and reported by acorn itself? I didn’t think so.

    By the way, those federal prosecutors that Rove had fired? Some of them were fired for not bringing bogus charges against acorn for voter registration fraud that never actually occurred. Not a single documented instance.

    What makes you so afraid of the UN? It’s a paper tiger.

    Look at my thumb, gee you’re dumb.

  • admin:

    @Kim: Good stuff, I’ve seen it but everyone should watch it.

  • kit:

    Dr.s in some cases are having to quit their practices due to the high cost of mal-practice insurance they need to pay each year. — I know, what you will say, under Obama care, this would be alleviated, but to what cost? Financially and the Quality of care…. Side Note: In a perfect world, everyone would have good healthcare insurance, but this is reality, and something’s got to give somewhere. Under Obamacare, unfortunately quality will be diminished.
    Realism vs. Idealism”

    Van Jones- Why did he resign?

    Acorn— i wasn’t referring to the voter fraud, but thanks for reminding me– this is just one of the many things added to the list of corruption: Fourteen year old girls, being shipped over to U.S. into the sex trade. ACORN actively encouraged the undercovers to “train them” and to be silent and to “be careful”:

    The Lists go on….. OPEN YOUR EYES

  • kit:

    also…. “It’s important to realize that I was actually black before the election.” President Obama— If only other in his party could understand this…

  • admin:

    Why do you insist care will be compromised?

    The point is there was no voter fraud. Show me proof of assertions about acorn.

    I get Obama’s point about what he said but your’s is lost on me.

  • kit:

    Much of the ACORN corruption was video taped.

  • admin:

    Yes, but what you’re referring to is child prostitution and that was actually a government defense contractor called Dyncorp.

    Are they being investigated? Nope. Has congress acted to defund them? Nope. Just got a new contract today.

    Blackwater, murder. KBR (Haliburton), fraud and manslaughter. Both still going strong.

    All these firms are paid by you and me to the tune of thousands of times more money than Acorn will ever see.

    Get your facts straight before you show up here buddy.

  • kit:

    my facts are correct(look it up) and the corruption you are talking about is inexcusable also. why can’t you see that fraud is despicable no matter the scale nor the party you are in. we discuss acorn now because it is a current issue.

  • admin:

    No. You come here, you back it up. I do my homework, you do yours. I never posit anything without backing it up.

    Start by telling me which “facts” are correct.

    Show me the despicable fraud.

    We discuss Acorn because it is the flavor of the day, not because it is relevant in the scheme of things.

    Stop wasting my time, do your homework or I will have my way with your ignorance or ignore you all together.

    I’m not kidding, come prepared or do not darken my door. Stop wasting my time. You piss me off because you don’t pay attention.

  • Ralph:

    Well Mike, if you need to be “shown” the fraud and are unaware of it after not just the blatant proof of the videos taken by the two very brave young folks who exposed just the very tip of the ACORN corruption along with the history of ACORN being a completly marxist anti american organization, you are a fucking fool. But wait,,,you are a fucking fool!
    ACORN should be prosecuted under the RICO statue. But they will not under the corrupt Eric Holder Justice dept. On that you can depend.
    That you are defending ACORN is quite telling about who you are and what a nasty piece of business you are.
    You like to fuck little girls like your heroes at ACORN Mike? It wouldn’t surprise me at bit. After all, you are unable to have and keep a women let alone a decent woman you LOSER.
    You are a contemptible anti-american, Marxist piece of trash Mike plain and simple.
    Keep after him Kit, he needs to have his ass kicked often and hard.
    Truth will prevail Mike regardless of how much you and your side wishes to obscure it.

  • Kim:

    @Ralph “You like to fuck little girls like your heroes at ACORN Mike? It wouldn’t surprise me at bit. After all, you are unable to have and keep a women let alone a decent woman you LOSER”
    That’s even low for you Ralph. I remember when you used to trash Mike for the language HE used. I guess you’ve worked through that, huh?
    You’re just another right-winged hypocrite Ralph. Why are you even here?

  • Ralph:

    Ah,,an empty headed liberal marxist has chosen to take the high road defending ACORN and all things un-American and Marxist by championing the cause of civility.
    How quaint.

  • Kim:

    You completely miss the point Ralph.

  • admin:

    I wasn’t defending Acorn or what various people in the organization did, I was merely stating the facts.

    “You like to fuck little girls like your heroes at ACORN Mike? It wouldn’t surprise me at bit. After all, you are unable to have and keep a women let alone a decent woman you LOSER.”

    Not only are your facts once again completely unrelated to any truth whatsoever, you’ve crossed a line.

    One more like that you ignorant retarded piece of shit, and no one on this blog will ever hear from you again. And no you paranoid, callow, mewling fucktard, I’m not threatening your life, I’m telling you that you will have the dubious distinction of being the only person to ever be censored from this forum.

    And should we ever meet, you’re going to regret your cowardly accusations and childish sniveling bullshit. Yes, Ralph, this is me promising to beat the living shit out of you.

    Any questions retard?

  • admin:

    The only point Ralph has ever been in possession of is the one atop his soft and irregular head. I wonder if he so damn dumb he doesn’t realize that the only reason I keep him around is he’s good for readership.

  • It’s true. Every village needs its’ idiot. ~ RZH

  • admin:

    Hey Ralphie!

    Haven’t heard from you. If I can wipe the floor with you using words and ideas, I bet I can do better in person.

    Where are you?

    I really like kicking your ass.

    C’mon you whiny little one note wonder, ideological piece of shit on my shoe. Cat got your tongue? Can’t get it up? Shit your pants?

    Bring it. Give me another chance to make you weep, shaking and sobbing in front of your friends.

    Awwww, too much for you when the shit gets serious? You pathetic, inchoate sniveling, snot leaking piece of human refuse.

    You started this. You’ve had it coming for a long time. Let’s finish it.


    Fucking pussy retard wimp.

  • Ralph:

    You are a pathetic loser and this post proves it.
    Making threats like that to do someone bodily harm is called criminal threatening.
    Look it up.
    You are an angry loser.
    A person like you is why this world is so fucked up. You are about as tolerant as a fundamentalist Islamic mullah.
    New poll today, people against Obama’s health care 56% and rising and 41% for it and sinking.
    What happened there Mike?
    I thought all of the people were going to be enthralled and bowing in worship to the almighty Obama?
    Like a boxer doing some sort of pugilistic dance to all “Enemies” I recall?
    Let me clue you in on something there sonny, first rule of pugilism is to respect any and all opponents. Even if they have man-boobs like you do. I would never threaten you. Not because I’m afraid of you but because it’s just not the thing to do.
    You are a pathetic person Mike.
    Go threaten the wind because like the hot air coming out of your weak and bloated pathetic loser body, it’s all you have.

  • Jana:

    any more of this guys and you’ll be needing bookies and logos!

  • admin:

    Once again, all polls are solid at 65% approval for Obama’s plan. Let me guess, you’re still referencing Rassmusin. What do you do when you’re not paying attention?

    You’re no pacifist, just a pussy.

    Why don’t you press charges you giant vagina? It will be great for my readership. Let me know so I can alert the media. Need my address?

    Anyone who says the kinds of things you do and doesn’t expect to get a mud hole stomped in his ass and kicked dry is retarded.

    I have zero respect for you, you whining, underinformed, factually inept, jingoistic, narrow minded coward.

    You are allowed to spew your lies and hate here at my pleasure and discretion. You are tolerated because of your freakshow novelty.

    Cross that line again and you’re gone.


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