Max Baucus can suck my caucus

Did ya guess I’m furious?

Where exactly does the rub lie you ask?

I’m a little at a loss for words here.  Don’t worry, it won’t last.


It’s just that this is so important.  In a country as wealthy as ours, health care is not a privilege, it’s a right.  Fuck me, every living being deserves it.  How embarrassing that far poorer nations are getting it?  Until we can make it available to us and for us equitably and fairly, how can we even advocate for it with a straight face for anyone else?  It’s moral and ethical and shouldn’t be political but it is and that’s just ugly.  Fucking disgusting.  The very idea that it’s being debated in our corridors of power just confounds me.  We have the money and the resources and everyone wants it.

We stood up against the Nazis and humiliated Japan.

For this most humane of causes, we battle our own.  We fight those elected by us to advance our very best ideas, interests and needs.  The fight for what we deserve is with our own alleged democracy.  They mock us by allowing it to even be a contest.  What is right is clear.  What we expect is obvious.  Why they represent us is clear.  What we want is clear and still, the outcome is in question.

You inglorious fucking bastards.


We’re talking about the public option amendments proposed by Chuck Schumer and J. Rockefeller today before the Senate Finance Committee in the precipitously spectator friendly fight for health care reform.  Note to elected reps, you’re being watched.

Okay, I understand this is the first authentic punch in this fight.  I’m well aware that it was meant to be ceremonial; a shot across the bow if you will.  Schumer and Rockefeller admitted as much.  Both amendments pretty much went down in flames.  The reckonings were 15 opposed to 8 and 13 opposed to 10.  Chuck was all smiles for the post game, saying that they did better than he’d anticipated and momentum is building.  I’m a little lukewarm on Schumer but I admit to having a soft spot for him.  His assessment is likely more cogent and certainly better informed than mine.

Pisses me off when he defends Baucus though.  Shumer wishes they weren’t running those ads.  Buacus is a pawn and an officious prick.  He deserves it and we’ll be talking about it here in a minute.

Here’s what chaps my ass.  Max, four million bucks in campaign contributions from big pharma and big insurance, Baucus.  After a suspiciously protracted process of negotiation, Baucus puked up a bill so lame, so transparently in favor of not just maintaining the status quo but adding bulkhead after bulkhead to protect and enrich insurance companies at the expense of the common American,  I’m simply in awe anyone in what was once the world’s greatest deliberative body can pretend to take him seriously.

I harbor dark oozing contempt for this man.

Let me give you an example.  His bill mandates that every American, regardless of income level, purchase health insurance.  Any American citizen who does not not purchase health insurance would be subject to a fine.  Either way, whether an individual buys in or not, monies for premiums or penalties for not buying in, go directly to health insurance corporations.  No reach around, just straight up cash.  All it does is give access to the money of the forty or fifty million uninsured to the insurance industry they haven’t otherwise been able to get their hands on.  Needless to say, without a public option to foment reasonable competition for rates and service, his bill is nothing less than a totalitarian dictate to further enrich an industry that has been ripping off the average American for decades.

Max Baucus really sucks.

Max tells us today on national television that his job is to deliver a bill that will garner sixty votes on the floor of the Senate.  Bullshit.  Where is that written?  Where does it say that his job as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee is to do anything but deliver a fair and equitable bill in the best interest of his constituents and as committee chair, a bill that reflects the will of 65% of the American people?  Just what is with this sixty fucking votes thing?  It’s absurd.  It takes fifty one votes to pass a bill.  Sixty votes guarantees cloture and therefore prevents filibuster.  But it only takes fifty one votes to pass a goddamn bill and there are sixty of you spineless bastards.

The Democrats are so terrified of fillibuster they won’t bust a move without being able to prevent it?  So what?  Make the filthy Republicans actually filibuster.  Bring some sandwiches a cot and a laptop loaded with porn.  Have your aides set up a tent if you need to spank it.  Pretend you’re at the DMV.  Outlast them if it’s something you believe in and it’s the right thing for the American people.  You ARE the majority you know.  This is a walk in the park.

Why, why, why do the Democrats insist on being such pussies?  I’ll tell you why.  Because so many of them just as shamelessly beholding to the same forces as Baucus.

Procedurally, if Democrats stand together, they have enough votes to prevent filibuster on specific amendments.  What is the goddamn problem?  This is doable.  We have a majority in congress because the people have spoken.  65% of Americans favor a public option.  Between the congressional majority and the overwhelming majority on the part of the electorate, we have what I like to think of as a motherfucking mandate.

Fer fuck’s sake, do the math you retards.

It’s no secret that during the last decade profits have rocketed towards what Baucus and friends intend to be an apogee, while service, care and the number meaningfully insured has cratered below sea level.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely and dickheads like Baucus don’t give a mad fuck about being re-elected because his next gig will be with the very cabal of ruthless, greedy swine he’s now representing instead of the interests of the people who elected him.  The same can be and is said by me for Kent Conrad, Blanche Lincoln, Bill Nelson and Tom Carper.  Spineless, greedy sycophants all of them.

Cowardly inchoate vaginas that are looking forward the next cush gig.  Man, I hate these guys.

There is nothing wrong with prostitution as far I’m concerned.  It’s a contract, a transaction between two consenting parties.  You want to fuck for money?  Have at it.  Baucus however, is a filthy, disease ridden whore.  His entire reason is to let someone else screw you without your consent and get paid by them and you simultaneously.  He wouldn’t do it if it hadn’t worked so far.  How’s that make you feel?


He thinks you’re stupid.  He underestimates you.



Like I said in my last blog, shave a few points off defense spending, end the reprehensible, ineffective and exorbitant War On Drugs  and we’ll be swimming in cash.  Health care will be an “oh yeah, let’s do that” kinda type a deal.  Free cable and comic books for everyone.  The return of $4.99 buffets and all you can eat breakfasts.  We’ve got plenty of money, we’re just really stupid.


And for the record, fuck Roman Polanski.  He gave drugs and alcohol to a thirteen year old girl and raped her.  If I believed in hell, I’d advocate for him to roast on a spit there.  Guess I’ll have to settle for throwing the prick bastard in prison, introducing him to Big Jim Slade and tossing the key.

If more Americans believe in UFOs than oppose a public option, where does that leave me?

Drinks for my friends.

29 Responses to “Max Baucus can suck my caucus”

  • Ralph:

    Well Mike, denial is not just a river in Egypt.
    You quote the NY times poll of 65% in favor of this public option.
    Fact is even Democrats are defecting and going against the president’s desire to take over the health care system.
    The CBO has stated over and over again that the president’s plan is NOT and NEVER CAN BE, budget neutral.
    The facts remain that 41% favor and 56% oppose the public option. People do however, favor health care reform and want to see the system reformed to allow more people to be able to obtain health care.
    BTW, please tell us all o great one, where in the US constitution is says the health care is a right? Hmmm? Come on now twinkle toes, show us all some more of that superior “Brain speck” power you so much so wish all to know and worship.
    Your side is losing on this and will continue to lose as this president continues to make apologizes, mea culpa style in every public forum he’s spoken for the USA being such a bad place to the rest of the world, allows the USA to capitulate to despots in Russia, North Korea, Libya as well as allowing Iran and his good buddy and mentor Chavez in Venezuela, nuclear arms.
    Saying there should be a “Nuke free” world suggests a naïveté of a completely self centered narcissist which this president most certainly is.
    Facts are his support is slipping exponentially here is the USA in general. Whether you and your ilk wish to acknowledge it or not the fact remains that people in this country are not in favor of this president’s desire to destroy it.
    Plain and simple.
    BTW there snowflake, the readership of the NY times as well as newspaper readership in general, is dropping like the president’s approval ratings.
    Hey man,,,,like,,, wow man,,,, have another bong hit dude!!???

  • kit:

    “In a country as wealthy as ours, health care is not a privilege, it’s a right.” You meant to say “health care insurance” Even illegals get health care if needed…

  • Datdermuhbuttuk:

    I think Ralph has a little crush on you darlin’.

    I totally agree. Let the bastards fillibuster. Let the country see what dicktards they are, delaying much needed policies. Many are watching these days.

  • Kelly:

    Totally pisses me off too. I think Schumer is being a little more optomistic for the public than he really feels. And when he said that he wishes the ads against Baucus weren’t being run, i think he’s totally full of crap. I think he’s glad they’re putting the screws to Baucus and the rest of them. That’s the only way to get these people’s attention. They work for us not the healthcare industry and they need to hear from us now. LOUDLY.

  • Max:

    It’s funny, my country got free national healthcare for sticking up to the nazi and Japan, what’s taking you guys so long?

  • admin:

    Money, Max, the filthy lucre and avarice.

  • Jana:

    It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

  • admin:


    Well Ralph, you’re as trite as you are ignorant.
    Not just the Gray Lady Ralph and that’s kinda absurd considering your reliance on Rassmusin.

    And the CBO said the contrary. The CBO said the opposite of your lie. What planet are you on? Why are you such a dick?

    Are you a kitchen table?

    Does this look infected to you?

    I don’t need the Constitution to tell me about human rights although it can inform us on the issue.

    I suppose you’re going to tell me it’s unconstitutional because it’s not in there. Nothing to do with “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, I guess. Or all men being created equal and such from a document that either endorses or refuses to deal with slavery depending on your point of view.

    Erectile dysfunction Ralph?

    When Obama apologizes for our reckless, irresponsible and needlessly violent behavior during the last eight years, he is right to do so. We’ve been neighborhood bullies on an international scale. Global assholes. Hundreds of thousand at least, dead for no good reason.

    This is lost on you?

    Would you then defend the war in Iraq? Have we comported ourselves with perfection and aplomb on the world stage?

    I keep forgetting you’re retarded.

    Can you possibly describe to me with some cogency, how America or Obama has capitulated to Russia, Chine, Libya, Iran or North Korea?

    Can we talk about that?

    I keep forgetting you’re retarded.

    “Facts are his support is slipping exponentially here is the USA in general…………….Hey man,,,,like,,, wow man,,,, have another bong hit dude!!???”

    Exponentially Ralph? Just what the fuck are you smoking?

    I remember now. You’re retarded.

  • admin:

    No kit, I meant health care, the umbrella all inclusive including the really broken part represented by insurance.

    You must be new.

  • admin:

    I believe Ralph covets my penis and my hairy man boobs. I would so love to see them actually filibuster. They threaten this silly dance. Let’s see them follow through. Popcorn and hard liquor!

  • admin:

    I agree. I don’t trust Schumer. Rockefeller backed of Grayson today. Never sure how many parts wisdom to how many parts buttercup with the Dems.

  • admin:


    I just hope she can carry a tune. See what I’m saying?

  • Kelly:

    That’s straight up Rockefeller though. I saw him do the same thing when asked about Joe “You Lie” Wilson. He just doesn’t want to get into the distraction and he’s trying to get something accomplished. I like him.

    I gotta say though Grayson is my new hero.

  • Ralph:

    Mike, Mike, Mike,,,
    the CBO said that the only way that Obama’s health plan can be budget neutral is if the waste that is happening now in medicare, medicare and social security can be reined in and eliminated as well as Obama’s program itself being 100% as written implemented is the only way the Obama plan will be budget neutral.
    Go to and look it up.
    Fact is Obama’s plan cannot and never will be budget neutral and that’s exactly what he wants to do.
    All of Obama’s plans are designed to destroy the nation as we know it and rebuild it as a socialist state.
    About the “Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” being somehow related to written law of the constitution, well in no amendments which are the LAWS of the land can there be found anything about healthcare. Your argument is in the PREAMBLE, of the constitution and is not the law of it at all but rather it outlines the ideals the document hopes to achieve.
    Those old white guys must have been retards too eh Mike?
    The only retarded Loser is you Mike.
    You are wrong about EVERYTHING you talk about.
    You don’t know your ass from your mouth because both are completely full of shit.
    I depend on and Rasmussen.
    Read Mark Levin you Marxist Maggot brained Loser.
    Read Mark Levin any of you here who really desire to know the truth about what is actually happening in this nation.
    Mike you are truly “Brain Speck”

  • kit:

    Mike, When Obama spoke today, he referred to it as Healthcare Insurance reform.

  • kit:

    Gotta love Michael Moore. He vilifies capitalism yet this is the backbone through which his movies are produced and is responsible for his financial gain through his movies’ successes. Hypocrite!

  • gary:


    I really enjoy the back and forth between you and Ralph. VERY entertaining.. as is a lot of your other posts. Maybe you should move this site to a .com and get some advertisers!
    GM in Seattle

  • I understand your frustration. Believe me…I live in one of those crazy states where they still believe in lynch mobs and witch hunts…you know, the “Joe ‘You lie’ Wilson” district. Ugh…keep the faith, Michael. This is going to turn out. Grayson’s stand made a difference; and it’s abt time somebody STOOD up. 🙂 Peace – XOXO

  • Jana:

    @Kit. Sorry to butt in here, but this kind of remark is getting old. UNCHECKED capitalism is what Moore is commenting on. And what we all should be contemplating.

  • admin:

    I respect him for sure, I thought it was refreshing and a lesson for the Republicans I doubt they’ll even sense.

  • admin:

    You’ve told the truth for once and I’ll bet you didn’t know it.
    “the CBO said that the only way that Obama’s health plan can be budget neutral is if the waste that is happening now in medicare, medicare and social security can be reined in and eliminated as well as Obama’s program itself being 100% as written implemented is the only way the Obama plan will be budget neutral.”

    It’s exactly the strategy Obama has been touting since before he was even elected. The POINT IS that the CBO agrees with him you moron! Sheezus yer stupid.

    Then you vomit the usual “socialist marxist” dogma. Yawn.

    The preamble to the Constitution does what it was intended to do, frame the intent as well as the spirit of the document. By your logic or lack thereof, grilling with propane is uncontitutional, because the Constitution does not specifically provide for it.

    Good God you’re a pathetic mental midget asshole, dumbshit, fuckhead.

    Do you ever get tired of being humiliated here?


  • admin:

    And your point about health care reform nomenclature is what?

    There’s more than that one tree you’re staring at in this forest there kit.

    Your point about Michael Moore is typical two dimensional thinking. He’s said himself, that if his movies and therefore his message motivate people to a certain point, he’d be more than happy to go fishing.

    Besides that, if that’s the best conclusion you can draw from honest and sincere work he does, you and Ralph should be out protesting fire departments and other socialist institutions like libraries.

  • admin:

    Unless you know something I don’t I can make money here and I intend to. You can do your part by pimping the shit out of me 🙂

  • admin:

    Change will come, the pace and roadblocks frustrate me. Grayson rocks!

  • admin:

    Exactly! Mouthbreathers like kit lack even the ability to think beyond two dimensions.

  • admin:

    Yes, Ralph fantasizes about a flowery meadow, the two of us tossing a ball, me pitching, him catching……..

  • Ralph:

    Medicare is Bankrupt, Medicaid is bankrupt, SSI is bankrupt and now we are supposed to believe that another HUGE bureaucratic nightmare like public health care is supposed to fix this? Are you fucking kidding???
    There is not one, NOT ONE, government program that has EVER accomplished, in exact detail, as it was intended to accomplish.
    Obama’s program for heath care “DEFORM”, is no different.
    The CBO does not believe this and neither does an ever burgeoning segment of the voting population.
    The CBO REJECTS the plan because of this.
    LOOK IT UP. says and I quote directly:

    The president repeated his promise to fully pay for the plan.
    Obama: I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits – either now or in the future. Period.
    Up until now, that’s been a promise in search of fulfillment. As we reported earlier, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has found that Democratic plans in the House and Senate both would add hundreds of billions of dollars to the federal deficit over the coming decade.
    In his speech, the president reduced the price tag, saying “the plan I’m proposing will cost around $900 billion over 10 years.” That’s about $100 billion less than what the CBO said the House bill would cost. And the president embraced a tax on expensive employer-paid health plans, something he’s resisted in the past. He also said there will be a provision in this plan that “requires us to come forward with more spending cuts if the savings we promised don’t materialize.”
    But it remains to be seen whether the CBO’s budget experts will agree that the plan would be fully paid for. For that, they’ll need to see more specific details.”

    The shit for brains loser administrator of this “Brain speck”, blog shithole, spouts off in copious platitudes about anyone who dares disagrees with the Marxist line you and the rest of the Maoist morons who follow every word his “Fuehrer” Obama, espouses.
    I don’t buy it for a NY minute.
    Frankly it is a malevolent push to destroy everything that is good about this nation by the left which the shit for brained loser living at his parent’s house like so many of his pathetic ilk desire.
    To the rest of you with an open mind.
    Have some fucking courage.
    go to:
    Read the book if you think you really can handle the truth about what’s ACTUALLY happening with this evil leftist administration and the Marxist left wingers like the maggot who runs this shithole of a blog.

  • admin:

    None of them are bankrupt. SSI won’t be insolvent until 2047, and that is only if nothing is done. They all need adjustment or “reform” which is a big part of what Obama is proposing. All three programs have been extraordinarily successful in accomplishing what they were intended. Ask any recipient of these programs and they may tell they aren’t perfect but they will also tell you they’re generally quite happy with the performance.

    You’re such a retarded jackass.

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