I just don’t know

My father would say ” I don’t understand all I know about that.”

Me too, or me either.

How is it asshats like Boehner and Bachmann, Cantor, Beckerhead, Limbaugh and Hannity can be comfortable in their own skin inveighing against Obama for spending eighteen hours in Copenhagen, lobbying to bring the Olympics to Chicago in 2016?  If he’s successful, it will bring hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to the beleaguered city starting the day after next.  They all know this, yet they pretend not too, hoping we won’t know the difference.  Understanding that the people who listen to them exclusively don’t want to know.

Preaching to and preying on the idiots.  How do they sleep?  With a diaper I’m sure.

They understand that’s why he’s doing it.  It’s a chance at a tourniquet and maybe the saviour for an opposable thumb or at least a pinkie toe.

There is no downside for the great unwashed.  As MSNBC pointed out this evening, Dumbya spent the better part of a week on photo ops and ass slapping in China as an embarrassing spectator.  This cartoonery, while embroiled in two worsening wars and seismic rumblings foreboding an impending economic apocalypse.  He spent a third of one of the most disastrous periods in American history on vacation clearing fucking brush on his own stupid ranch.  It was cool, Dick was in charge.  Bush vs. brush for well over a quarter of the entire time.

“Let’s have a non-alcoholic beverage, some chips and watch this here football contest.  Watch I don’t choke and nevermind that daily brief about imminent terrorist attacks.  Hell, I’m the President, have a  real beer.  You like deviled eggs?  Goddamn, I do.  We got whiskey here somewhere.  Sombitch.”

Obama takes a week in the Hamptons and they behave like he’s ignoring Armageddon.

It may have been Michele Obama who said something like, if he walked on water they’d say he can’t swim.  Yup.

You may get away with accusing him of spreading too thin but you can’t accuse him of not working his ass off for us.

I really need to keep this short, I’ve got plenty else going on, but goddamn it’s hard to watch.  As far as I can see, this man is killing himself, working very hard and with beyond ordinate, point blank results.  Iran agrees to let UN inspectors inside in a matter of weeks and publicly states a willingness to entertain outsourcing nuclear fuel enrichment.  That could mean never having enough on hand to build a bomb and never having to say you’re sorry.

That’s just this week.

That’s fucking huge but we complain or worry about his briefest of sojourns in Denmark.

Biden’s got a jacked up lid but I’m fine with him having the conch.  He’s a loose lipped cashier but I trust him.  I own what it is to have an unruly wig and loose lips.

Health care reform is steaming down the mountain and I for one am cautiously optimistic.  On this alone is far further than any President has ever come.  He plays it cagey but he’s too smart to not know what he’s doing.  He may be wrong but don’t think he doesn’t have a plan.

Get the fuck off him you shameless mouthbreathers.

Drinks for my friends.

11 Responses to “I just don’t know”

  • Kelly:

    I’ll second that.

  • kit:

    That’s a shocker MSNBC— It’s obvious your new sources are somewhat unvaried. What papers and other stations do you frequent? is this inquiry too 2-di for you??

  • kit:

    This goes for books too. Take Ralph’s advice, expand…..

  • admin:

    Thanks doll.

  • admin:

    I read more and varied than you’ll ever guess. As disgusting and loathsome an activity it is, I listen to Hannity and Limbaugh every day.

    I make an effort to watch the news on all networks cable and otherwise and am hardly ever without a book.

    Yes your question is two dimensional, because you’re questiong the truth.

    What did I say here that isn’t true kit?

  • Jana:

    Feeding the trolls just extends their appetite, or so i’ve heard.

  • kit:

    mike, I agree, they are hard to stomach at times.
    I wasn’t questioning truth, but am questioning some newpapers’/networks’ (on either side) coverage choices, and the priority in which some items are covered, or not covered at all. that is why it’s necessary to expose oneself to as much as they can. Many fail to do this…

  • admin:

    Fair enough kit but you confuse me. Passive aggressive. Attack and acquiesce. Make up your mind. You question my truth. Again, what is not true about anything I’ve written? Put up or shut up.

    Man up dude.

  • admin:


    Sad but true although the drama loves the readers.

  • kit:

    I don’t fit into a neat little conservative nor neat little liberal package. Again, i take from both and make my own conclusions. I guess that’s confusing to some. I guess i’m confused…frustrated with both sides. One of the things I’m most annoyed by is the hypocrisy that occurs on either side. I should get credit for having an open mind… When you say, “you must be new” You are correct. I’ve never politically blogged before, so cut me some slack…

  • admin:

    Again kit, fair enough. I welcome debate but only if it’s well informed. Do a little research before you take a position.

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