The will o’ the Wisp

Eyes against mine

I pull the small of your back

Hands slice slowly down your waist

I pull again

Lift you into me

Breathe each other

You are here with me

We meet

Drink of each other

Brown dress and beautiful skin

Gorgeous in my head in my nose in my hands and in my mouth even my ears there are no words for this

Trampled flowers

Good kisser

She lingers on the end of the word

Unlocking the door

A girl smiling back

Oh I think Oh

Then the back of her

The book closes

I am lost

Danced too long

Too late I see she can’t

feet make patterns in the sand

I understand that she cannot.

Ever Never lethal it stings then aches

Then She betrays

Slowly the crack crawls across

Trampled flowers beautiful vibrant

Rotting and pungent

It breaks me

I keep moving the universe pays no mind

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