I’ve never been able to stand those who would take themselves too seriously.  It is neon for loser and or phony.  Hand in hand are those who would believe they are smarter than they actually are.  Like they know something you don’t while they know even less but expectorate good energy after bad convincing folks they do indeed know something, some thing, and and stand resolutely for it.   It’s disgusting.

The degree of intellectual dishonesty chaps my motherfucking ass.

We are talking about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.  The best and brightest from the GOP.  Crowdpleasers.  It’s true, they are shiny.  True, that they are the best the party has.  How sad is that?  I’m gonna go all rogue sexist, misogynist and chauvinist on you here here and invite them to my pillows.  Good on the stump.  See what I’m saying?  Hot dumb brunettes.  My kinda cheerleaders.

McCain attempts to slip slide away from ‘Mavericky’ while welcoming Palin onto his stump.


I’ve dated very few blonds.

Where were they today?  Minnesota.  Oh boy.  The land of cankles.  No wonder they adore.  It is this simple.  Women want to be them and men want to bone them and nobody who shows up cares that they are as dumb as they so obviously are because they cater to the lowest common denominator and that’s who shows up.  The great unwashed.  The 1/4 Paradigm.

I believe the media is gullible and reprehensible but two vacuous hags doth entertain me.  We need a bikini contest and a talent segment.

Bring it!

Run these ignorant bitches.  I swear I can’t wait.

They will either be our demise or our cautionary tale.  Either way, it is a lesson the electorate needs to swallow.   These are, without a doubt, stupid and crazy bitches and if we embrace them, well then, we deserve them and the havoc they would wreak.

On the other hand, and I’m not willing to hold my breath, they may just be the example we need to prod us from our slumber enough to study the issues and the candidates for once.  I’m here to tell you that I look at these two broads and wonder just what the fuck.  They have both demonstrated ignorance beyond what any elected official should be in possession of.  Both have stepped in ass, thigh deep, more than a handful of times.  Shit has come out of either mouth that should have been slapped out prior to becoming a teenager.  I swear to God I adore and respect women more than I do men but I’m here to tell you that these are two extraordinarily dumb cunts.

Both were shameless in propagating with egregious profligation the idea of “death panels” when it came to health care.  Both have sought and seized every opportunity to de-legitimize the elected President, at and with, any opportunity regardless of obvious glaring fiction.

Did you ever hear of a wish sandwich? Well it’s the kind of sandwich
where you’re supposed to take two pieces of bread and wish you had some
meat” -The Blues Brothers.

I hate that we’re still here.  That bullshit is still at nose level.  That the Palins and Bachmanns of the world can still find audience.  I hate it.  I do hope their hubris is enough for them to continue however.  We need them.  We need their stupidity.  We so need their soiled example as an abject lesson.  We actually deserve it.

It becomes safer and safer to say that the the Tea Party will end up splitting the Republican vote much to their detriment.  Can you say Ross Perot?  That is my wish.  That is my hope.  That is my prognosis.  I’m a glass full kinda guy.

My fear is the violence that is nearly inevitable.

Drinks for my friends.

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