“…..perfect unrepresentative left-wing machine dedicated to a secular socialist future.” -Newt Gingrich at the Southern Leadership Conference

Newt, the slimy little fucker, is far from stupid.  He knows the difference between socialism and what’s going on here.  By now they all do.  The acolytes.  They know that by their definitions of socialism, police, fire and library services would all be communist bovines for slaughter.  This is what makes them assholes.  They know and understand they are lying through their wicked teeth and across their lizard tongues.


The thing is this, the 1/4 paradigm or the great unwashed, don’t know or even suspect a goddamn thing.  They don’t ask questions.  They hate us.  Makes sense.  I hate them too.  Otherwise perfectly rational human beings.  Sometimes.  The things they don’t ask about are the the things they’re not rational about.  The less they ask, well, you see where I’m going with this.  They take pride in being underinformed.

The light in the fridge goes out when you shut the door?  What about the one over the stove?

They may be angry because they have begun to understand they are among the inevitable one in four.  I myself avoided an IQ test until my late thirties.  I just didn’t need any proof that I might actually be stupid.  I think they begin to smell something, they have begun the discomfort of not fitting in at a real job.  They realize they might be sliding toward a universal stupid.  One that everyone else recognizes.  One they can’t figure out.  They only have a chance for something in common with one of every four they meet.

They are lonely and pissed off.  Really bitter.

Wanna know why?

You’ll forgive the triteness of my thrust I hope.  That was funny.  But it really is the media.  Seriously.  An extravagantly trite thrust.  FOX NEWS is misanthropes anonymous.  All the air personalities and everyone who watches the incompetent and dishonest train wreck.  You know, the socially retarded, anal and brainal retentive, paranoid and spiritually compelled by some form of Christianity but so obviously empty they can’t help but judge everyone that isn’t like them?  Sometimes they even execute a sentence or two.

See, that was a pun.

Sometimes they wear pointy white hoods to fit their pointy white heads.  It seems like there might be quite a few of them but there’s not.  Americans love loud and stupid any way they can get it.  We just want to chew our nails or bite our palms.

It’s so sad.  I was really starting to think I could trust Newt.  Didn’t he and Hillary make bffs a while back?

My father would say “… a pig’s ass.”

Newt Gingrich sucks.

See here, the deal is this, these asswipes that are being so dishonest with their constituents as well as the public at large, at the same time they are at the very very least being egregiously intellectually dishonest with themselves.  They are husks.  Newt and Robertson, McConnell and Boehner.  While Hannity and Limbaugh can be a bit more nimble………………. Bachmann and Palin is a pairing/cage fight we’d all like to see.  There is one absolute sweeping generalization I can make about the great unwashed.  They are repressed.  Not just sexually, despite hating dildos almost as much as health care.

Fear of a black planet.

Give me a break.  Fucking Coburn blocking unemployment benefits tells us all we need to know.  They believe the average, out of work man or woman expects a hand out.  A triter thrust still but I whip it in anyway…………    What people want is a hand.  These people don’t want a free goddamn lunch.  They want a job.  Self respect.  Suspending their benefits for some bullshit inconsistent principal makes me wonder if you don’t belong in a dishwasher.  As in dish.  A DISH.  Just a dish…………


I’m going to go out with grace.  I’m still swinging, however.  I know the answer to all of the above and it’s discouragingly simple.  If you think you know the answer, leave it as a comment.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Jim:

    You must be a vert looney person because this is so full of shit. Try getting back on your medication. VERY SCARY!!

  • admin:

    I am a “vert”. I believe in “vert”. I’m all about “vert”. Don’t hate me because I’m “vert”.

  • Mark:

    Good Lord dude.
    Your an idiot.
    Get off the fucking internet

  • kit:

    both FOX and MSNBC are guilty this. not sure why the later isn’t mentioned… the hypocrisy! CNN is the most “fair and balanced”

  • admin:

    @Mark: Perhaps you’d care to dispute something specific and factual, douchebag.

  • admin:

    There is a world of difference between FOX and MSNBC. Both have an obvious and overt agenda. One distorts the truth with an egregious and intellectually dishonest consistency while the other calls them on it with a rather noble consistency.

    Can you tell me which is which?

  • My God, dude, you haven’t changed in the least except just to continue to grow and evolve by leaps and bounds on the lit front. Your sonic assault I see you’ve continued to hone and sharpen; the subtle ass-whooping heaped upon the above “mark” and “kit” serve as fine examples. As verbose, intelligent, and fun to read as ever. Turn this beeyotch into a podcast so we can hear your rants from the flesh instead of merely read them. It might not make you a million but I’m sure as hell it’ll make you a star. Good on ya mate. E

  • kit:

    I find the 2 networks hilarious… especially when watching Glen Beck and Rachel Maddow. What clowns!!

  • admin:

    I beg to differ. Beck is a clown.

  • admin:

    Rachel Maddow is entertaining but I dare you to challenge any single fact. Any fact at all. Ahead of time I’ll tell ya, you’ve got nothing. I dare ya. For every one you can give me, I’ll give you at least three blatant instances of bullshit from Beck.

  • admin:

    @Ed Hale:
    I miss you. Do you think we’d get along? Fuck a podcast. I’m not interested in fame. Just the money.

  • @Admin: I’ve been missing you for years my friend. But yeeaap (not too long but slightly drawn out) I was wondering the same thing… I feel our spheres are close enough to share a drink or a two-hour chat now and then. I’ve haphazardly made a fortune over the years while chasing that ever-elusive stardom seemingly forever intent on ignoring my imagined greatness. I’m not interested in money. Just give me the influence so I can help right the Becks and O’Reillys of the world. I’m glad we’re still playing at the same table on that front, but I do lean more toward the “you don’t really believe they truly have different agendas or they’re working for different people still do ya?” viewpoint. David Icke et al. I bailed on the left versus right legends long ago and tend to operate somewhere outside of but in between it all. Some people refer to it as conspiracy theory (which I find fallacious because that would imply some “secret” and there is no longer anything secret about the shadow government that rules all governments of the world at this point. Others call it libertarianism. I just call it being human. Never stop researching. One thing I’ll tell ya is that your influence was a great and mighty one on the young Ed Hale, once known as Eddie Darling, then Guess Darling, then Fishy, and eventually the pretentious as all hell Ambassador. Wrote like a mother f*&ker for 20 straight years based on your mid-of-night suggestions and ended up with a ridiculously over-weighted 5000 page novel series called The Adventures of Fishy, spent eight years blogging from it to something called the Transcendence Diaries. See it here: There’s some damn good stuff in there. And not a year went by that I didn’t wonder what you’d think as I pounded those keys. Thank you for that.

  • I tuned in to O’Reilly last night just to see how the Stephen Colbert’s of the reichwingnut world are imitating themselves.
    O’Reily was bantering with some journalist (sorry forgot her name) she wrote for Catalina, who said Sarah Palin has made 12 million bucks since last July after she gave up her governorship for greener pastures and greener money. The Journalist went on to Sarah is trying to be a Larry Cable Guy with class. Essentially “poor white trash with money”. C’mon ya’ll have a beer with me and let’s go fishin’ kinda cultural hero of sorts. She travels in Lear Jets and you will not find Sister Sarah waiting in the Walmart line at the checkout anytime soon. Basically the journalist was saying Sarah was a fake and phony NOW.

    O’Reilly fought her tooth and nail on the issue that money hasn’t changed him and Sarah is still the same way as she was when was making 100 G’s a year as governor.

    Money changes everything. Acting like one of the poor landless peasants is one thing if you really are. Faking it is different.

  • kit:

    she is an idiot!

  • PODcast….podcast…podcast…Americans are idgets. Someone needs to slap us down. Somebody Big…!

  • admin:

    @ k.a.m.
    Jesus loves you ;=)

  • admin:

    Enlighten us?

  • admin:

    Um, what?

  • Rhonda Z.:

    Michael, if you do decide to podcast I hope you will keep writing as I enjoy your work very much.
    Since you know about my hearing difficulty, I would be very disappointed if I were not able to read what you have to say.

    Keep up the good work!

    Rhonda Z.

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