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Julie Brown

Is Rubio becoming the Latino Clarence Thomas? There is a reason why more blacks and Hispanics don’t join the Republican Party and the "conservative movement." It’s not just their ideas, which often seem hostile to people of color, and which have had very real, negative consequences, not just for minorities, but for America. It’s that in order to See Morebe in the club, you have to sell a little too much of your soul, by becoming an ethnic parody or by openly repudiating your own ethnic group in the strongest, harshest terms, in order to prove that you have more fealty to their notion of America, which often translates to a particular white historic and corporate elite, than to people who look like you. In an ideal world, there should of course be no ethnic tribalism in a pluralistic, multi-ethnic society. But America has not reached that ideal, and empathy for others, whether in your own ethnic group or not, is at minimum, a sign of civilization. To the right, however, empathy is seen as a threat, particularly when those being empathized with are not, to be blunt, white.

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  • Msss...T:

    Actually I fear corporate American more than say the Taliban, or El Queda. I fear the CIA more than the undocumented in El Centro. We’ve got a plutocracy that is out of control, Obama best behave himself or he may end up like Fred Hampton did dead, by the hands of; most likely the FBI or some such government entity. Since Dumbywa was president Our civil liberties, have rapidly eroded. And our Karmic debt has quadrupled. Now they want to change the way suspects of supposed crimes, are informed of their Miranda rights.
    I keep asking myself who trained the 911 hijackers, to fly those planes; I already know the answer. And it wasn’t Al Queda. I fear mother nature, because she can’t be pleased; somebody needs to create a balance, introduce the prospect of liberty, justice,philosophy, peace & art. You know a lively song and dance, perhaps the theater, or a good novel.

  • Jimhead:

    Drinks for my friends? Ok then. Friday.

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