Just over the edge.

Ever clock that riff in that song “Firestarter” by The Prodigy? It’s the coolest fucking sound. It’s so fluid and menacing. The song is genius because of it. Man, that’s an awesome Crimea. Live to toast, with beans, tomato and bacon. Or points of with Creme fraiche and caviar.

Sometimes I get up and check my computer. I won’t remember why I checked the spelling of fraiche in the morning.

That black death is filling the Gulf. Latest efforts in the lobby of the pizza joint at that old claw game have failed to tame the beast or inspire confidence.  What kills me is they’ve no fucking idea what to do.

They want us to believe they can drill five times deeper but they couldn’t prevent this or so far even mitigate it.  What’re we?  A month in?

This will end up a nuclear meltdown. Worst man made disaster ever.  I’m not here to downplay Chernobyl but we have no idea the total at the register there, so it only kinda counts.

How do you stack the animals and the environment against human disease and suffering? Let’s just say fifty fifty for the sake of argument. I believe animals to be better than human beings because they are innocent of greed or prejudice and they are capable of unconditional love. So let’s say sixty forty in favor of the animals because I can’t imagine my two kitties waddling and shaking trying to lose the oil, that no bird, fish or reptile would ever be able to deal with on it’s own.

This has me spooked.

We’re looking at weeks before anything. This thing volcanoing at thousands of pounds psi, the most toxic shit there is short of radioactive. 200,000 gallons a day? Bad news boys and girls. The entire gulf coast is gonna look like the surface of the moon. Wait til it bakes in the sun for a few years and the mosquitos mutate. Cockroaches the size of shuttlecocks.

It will come to shore thicker than hog snot and erase any reason to visit any gulf coast for a long time. We will all witness it and some will even understand what they see is but a quarter of what was wrought. Every American will feel this one. It’s gonna suck and they will lie to you about it over and over.

Louisiana is gonna choke on it.  I mean turn blue and flop around.  The entire state is gonna need the Heimlich.  Chemo and radiation.  Leeches.  A mustard poultice.  Mississippi probably.  How much of Florida, Texas……….we know they’ll need surgery.

The puppets are out, pretending to fail on their swords by appearing to be idiots in front of congress.  Understand that by wagging fingers right and left, they accomplished just as much as having embraced each other minus any social gratuity.  They all got to look resolute and confident at least.

Ain’t nobody gonna get caught accountable.


So how soon until even them that might be paying attention, succumb to the relentless serial lies, perpetuated beyond the pompous blowhards, by a simple wondering they might be confused?

Hard to say because it’s an ongoing conflagration.

You know, NASA has reached far further and has enjoyed a far lesser payload of consequences.  Total lives can’t be more than ten or so.  Anybody?

Here’s a government agency that screws the pooch now and then but generally gets really complex shit done.  The fact that the space hog of a shuttle is still flying, and yes despite the catastrophes, says this is pretty vast and special program.  Thy did a bang up job on Mars except that one time.

Someone neglected the differences between the metric system and ours.

It could happen.

They don’t have an answer,  BP or Haliburton or whoever the other clowns are, but the second they do you’ll know about it and you’ll begin to forget.  Hammered out of you passively but insidiously as soon as.

You know, by the liberal media.

We have not yet the capacity for this age of technocratic information saturation, yet and so, it accelerates despite us.  We have lost control of it.  We have lost control of too many things.  Sometimes I wonder where the line is between our lack of mere accountability, and our inevitable demise.

I’m doing the roadshow at the Reno location and a cranky looking, bald bird of man with gray teeth and a shit eating grin walks up to me and says, “Where’d ya get that wig?”.  I sized him up and said, “Can’t tell you that.  Can tell you it was expensive”.  He said it was a nice wig as he walked away.

Drinks for my friends.

8 Responses to “Just over the edge.”

  • Karen:

    You said what I have been trying NOT to think about…

    In case I never told you Michael – all that stands between my home and the Gulf of Mexico is a golf course, a once grande dame of the Southern Riviere, the gathering place for the old Dixie Mafia crowd, a brotherhood to which my own grandfathers belonged…

    Anyway, twice in the past week, I have awakened to the sickly smell of oil, but only twice…so far, we are lucky…

    I am on 4 volunteer lists – no one has contacted me yet…and the only volunteers around here are the ones shipped in from out of state – go figure…

  • admin:

    Oh man. I feel for you. This gonna be bad. Today we learn that the leak may be five times worse than we’ve been told.

  • gary:

    Hey I finally see some ads on your page. Nice!

  • Junior's Ghost:

    “Tar balls”.

    Does anything more really need to be said.

    BP’s head talks of the damage being “modest.”
    Limbaugh wants the Sierra Club to pay for the cleanup.

    I keep finding myself uttering the same response to their diatribe. “tar balls”.

    Over and over again, with every excuse I hear, with every “drill, baby, drill” bumper sticker I see, even Tea Party speeches completely unrelated to this quagmire leave me muttering those same two words. Tar balls.

    Tar Balls
    Tar Balls
    Tar Balls, tar balls, tar balls, tar balls.

    I stop for gas and a snack, I notice Fox news is on the TV at the local covienience store. I was two steps into the parking lot with my pop and chips when I finally realized that I was talking to myself.

    Tar balls, tar balls, tar balls, tar balls.
    Fuck me, I wish I could afford a hybrid fuel car. Tar balls.

    It has a creepy, yet enchanting rhythm to it.

    You can try it the next time you hear something objectionable. It doesn’t even have to be anything political. Just hearing a lousy bass riff could suffice. Tar balls. Go on, give it a shot.

    Tar balls.
    Tar balls.
    Tar balls.

    Tar balls, tar balls, tar balls, tar balls.

  • admin:

    Nice. Thanks. Good stuff.

  • admin:

    Check the date on this. Still no end in sight and we’re talking like 4 million gallons a day….Fuck me runnin.

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