A brief dispatch concerning the Gulf conflagration….

Of the debatable catharsis of yesterday:

Joe Barton was just lending voice to what the majority of Republicans actually believe. They don’t give a mad fuck about their constituents, what consumes them is the filthy lucre that will likely be missing from their campaign coffers via the fourth largest corporation in the history of humankind come this November.  Listen to the Human Shitsmear Limbaugh, puke this rhetoric everyday.  He does so because he understands that the money is the key to Republican survival and therefore his relevancy.  It’s where they are all getting it.  It may surprise you to know I listen to him.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

It’s not unlike flossing my ass with barbed wire.

I will throat punch that toad if I ever pass him on the street.  I fucking loath that hypocritical prick.  I loathe bugs.

That slow eyed Michele Bachmann and the Batman to her Robin, the ignorant slut Sarah Palin, wasted no time climbing aboard the plutocracy express in defending big oil.  Man I hope they run for the big house, er the White House.  It really is all I want for Christmas, for either or both to continue their many splendored attempts to fail up.  Bring it you bitches.

It is, without a doubt, unconscionable and disturbing that anyone could defend BP at this stage of the game.  We now know enough to understand that they were and are willfully negligent and extraordinarily, spectacularly culpable as well as criminally inept.  Did you hear that CEO Tony Hayward as well as Goldman Sachs dumped tens of millions of BP stock just days before the rig erupted?  Yep, I’m here to tell you they knew.  You know the ocean floor, the earth’s very crust, is leaking from hell to breakfast.  You knew that right?

Yep, that just in.

This nightmare just might go on for years.  Until the entirety of the deposit is depleted.  Hundreds of millions, if not billions of gallons at as much as 70k psi.  Seventy thousand pounds of pressure per square inch.  We ain’t seen nothing yet.  Even if this thing were completely mitigated tomorrow, this fever dream will, and is going, to haunt us for decades.  DECADES.

Word has it that Tony Hayward is to be demoted.  I really can’t be bothered to care but I’m compelled to ask this question:  Just what the hell did people expect out of that dog and pony show live from congress yesterday?  Yep, BP are scumbags, but at what point could anyone anticipate him, while representing them, to give up a single goddamn thing that could possibly contribute to the potential for litigation which will surely arrive like villagers with burning fagots and pitchforks any second now?

What could possibly have come from it?

That whole vulgar burlesque was disgusting and not just for the answers Hayward failed to provide but ever more for the chest thumping, grandstanding, fist pumping, insincere, self righteous bloviating of our elected officials.  They already know BP is guilty as fuck and sure as hell understand nobody from that company is going to supply a single shred of information that could possibly indicate anything remotely resembling as much.  So they played Limey as Pinata for the spectacle.  For our alleged edification.  Disgusting and counterproductive.  A sleazy, hangover film on your teeth, waste of time.

I’m a realist and as disgusting as it was, I give the miserable bastard credit; he was cucumber cool and didn’t betray a goddamn thing.  I wouldn’t demote him if he worked for me, that’s for damn sure.  I’m sorry, but I was impressed.  He did his goddamn job.  Executed with aplomb.

A caveat for the stupid among you; yes, he still sucks.

I believe our executive branch intends to prosecute and pursue BP’s fiscal responsibility with all due diligence.  Even if they lacked the desire, the impetus burns like a well on fire in the desert right up their asses.  I’m also confident that at this point, BP, as well as our government, desires this furious volcano of environmental carcinogen stopped just as badly as the people who occupy and subsist of the region being diseased.  For the exact same reason.

We really are all on the same page here.

So enough with the circus.  Let’s get on with the show.  This kind of crap is merely a distraction.

We need truth and action.  Mobilization, American hands on innovation on the scale of a run up to engage in and prevail in a world war.  Now.  Yesterday.  I think it’s time to roll.

Drinks for my friends.

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