I’ve avoided wading in on this issue for far too long. I feared not being as well informed as should be.  Could be.

I understand the differences between Israel and Palestine are historied.  Protracted.

I will tell you now that I no longer care.  I believe I know enough.  I understand I’ve seen enough.

I’ve had enough.

It’s absurd.

I honestly couldn’t give a mad fuck regarding Biblical or scriptural precedent.  I don’t care.  Religion is the root of all evil as easily as is money, so why would I deign to defer to it of all things?  I despise organized religion and racism and bigotry and class warfare…….to me they are all the same save for a different mask on any given holiday.

I’m not sure Palestine is right but I know Israel to be egregiously wrong.  Where Palestine is able to muster a a baseball bat, Israel sends warplanes loaded with death.

A ship from Israel’s only albeit tenuous ally, Turkey……..again the only reluctant ally in the entire hemisphere besides us, which Israel knows and understands to be loaded with humanitarian supplies, absent weapons but present medical supplies, food etc.  Israel attacks, yes storms with weapons and overt aggression, in international waters and thus in clear violation of international law, common sense and essential human compassion because Israel understands said flotilla has activists aboard.  Not terrorists, activists.  Unarmed people who loath their bullshit.  People who choose to risk their very lives because Israel can’t stop being the world’s biggest asshole by getting away with practicing and implementing the sickest version of xenophobic apartheid this side of South Africa because my country, the United States of America, gives more money to Israel, than it does collectively to every other far more deserving nation on the planet combined.

That’s retarded.  Fucktardian.

See, in my eyes, this makes Israel as a country, as a cause, as a legitimate player on the world stage, as an entity striving for recognition and relevance, NONE OF THE ABOVE.  You, Israel as a nation, are an asshole.  You suck.  Your consistent arrogance, your unchecked and unmitigated violence directed at your Arab neighbors provides those of us with compassion and objectivity with no other choice but to see you as a bunch of violent dickheads with an unfounded sense of entitlement.

Just who the fuck do you think you are?

There are many in America and even more worldwide that understand the possibility of peace in your neck of the the woods is an impossibility because of you and your actions and because of your extraordinarily obtuse existence.  Israel fucking sucks and so does America for our blind support.  Your country wouldn’t be worth a shit without our money and I for one am sick and tired of funding your egregious, morally and ethically blind bullshit.  I would love to see you operate in the theater you occupy without our money.  My money.

Israel would not last a day without our tax dollars.  And really, why should it?  I’m not endorsing their destruction.  Really, I’m not.  I’m merely suggesting that they man up and figure out what life is like without Uncle Sam allowing for them to be punk ass bullies.  Empty shiny bitches.  Prima donnas.

I’m pretty happy with our President, but if I could demand one single thing from him, I would demand that we stop giving Israel a single dime and instead redirect those funds toward impoverished nation states that could actually use it to feed and care for people.  As opposed to you know, imprisoning and killing them.

For the record, if you bring anti-semitism into this dialog, you’ve missed the point.  Over your head.  Stand up and it just might hit you.  My problem is with unchecked Zionism.

See, I can’t help but think our platonic embrace of all things Israeli contributes to the precipitous rise in our own incidents of domestic terrorism.  For example.

Hypocrisy = Lying and Stealing and our tax money propping up a system of dirty bastards is exactly that.

What set me off was the persecution of one of America’s last great and brave journalists: Helen Thomas.

Helen Thomas is an institution unto herself. I adore her and don’t see a damn thing wrong with what she said. She is an Icon and deserves to be. It always frustrates me when honest intelligent people are forced into a bullshit Mea Culpa because of something uttered in completely justified anger.

For the record, here is exactly, and I mean exactly, what she said.

“Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine……remember, these people are occupied, and it’s their land……it’s not German, it’s not Poland’s……go home, Poland, Germany……go home, Poland, Germany …..and America and everywhere else.
I heard she was 89 and Lebanese……a real …….terrorist?
Assholes like Hannity and Limbaugh puke worse every 6.3 minutes on average by compubox.  Spell check objects to both Hannity and Compubox and I’m not looking up either.

What she is saying is, they have no claim to it, the land, the territory, the region.  They have their own as dictated by various treaties and accords and whatever.  She implies they’re welcome in many places including here.  They have no right to do what they do or to stake the claims.

Tell me what gives them the right to occupy and kill and kill and kill.  To obliterate and destroy.  To displace and force people from their homes.  Tell me what gives them the right.  Palestine brings a wooden bat and Israel shows up with 21st century warplanes supplied by yours truly.  Explain that to me.  Nobody can give them that right.  Nobody.  It us who supplies the ability.  The blood and suffering is on our hands and it disgusts and horrifies me. that we are so complicit.

Who do we think we are?

Drinks for my friends.

I feel the need to make it clear that I’m no bigot.  I don’t care what the faith or ethnicity or sexual or paper or plastic preference.  I’m telling you none of that matters because what I see is wrong.  As in can’t be justified.  No overture, no apology.

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  • Steve Mietelski:

    What a retard language… you are the real asshole, sorry and pardon my offense. You try to get things simple, things you don’t even fuck understand (to use your own ass retard language). No, I am not Jew neither Palestinian, but at least I have the common sense that you obviously lack. And what about your fucking useless country ? MURDERER! MURDERER of hundreds of thousands of Arabs all over. Get a life, just dig your head in a hole and never get out.

  • admin:

    I would take it upon myself to respond if perhaps you were able to write a proper sentence, conjugate a verb or perhaps make sense.

    • hey stop being a troll only trolls say stuff like that ..caps on cant make a verb shoes untied cant understan you troll monster ….dang just be cool like fonze ahhhh

      • admin:

        Can I just get some cogent exchange here? Are you all goofcocks?

        • nope just drunk on pbr and listening to misfits music ….im sorry for real im lonely and just bored and some buddy in atlanta posted this topic on craigslist so i came to read what it said and he talked about this site i leave if you want me to!

          • admin:


          • im gonna leave i feel sick my tummy hurts i ate to many gummie candies today they didnt mix well with the beer sorry about my words im a dumb person i dont even now that israel was spelled that way i thought it was spelled like this…. is real for real

    • Marvin:

      Hey, just read your blog for the first time. Interesting reading. I like your style. That said, after reading the comments left by your readers, I have come to the conclusion (by overwhelming scientific evidence) that 200,000 readers ARE wrong. JK…sort of.

  • Dude, horrified? AIPAC and ZOA will drag this nation into World War III so that Christian Zionists can root on as Americans die for the Promised Land. And, the day this nation wakes up and says two states to Israel, the hard right fanatics will nuke this nation. They do not want two states. They want an Arab Free Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates with a 1,000 burn zone around them.

    FOX News and APIAC and ZOA are this nation’s greatest threats. The evangelical and Christian right that supports the morally bankrupt Republican Party is a close second.

    Zionism is not Judaism and Judaism is not Zionism. What we see here in the propaganda is the victim, the lamb, that speaks like the dragon and that causes fire to come down from heaven. This is the abomination that makes desolate.

  • Angela:

    Please check out the facts on the flotilla and see for yourself what really happened:

    • admin:

      They stormed a ship carrying nothing but food and medicine in international waters armed to the teeth and were beaten with clubs. Autopsies revealed for or five occupants of the boat were shot execution style in the back of the head. Did you have a point?

    • Shane:

      I don’t think that website contains facts Angela… just propaganda. Having the word “facts” in their URL is, to me, indicative of deliberate deception.

    • Sara:

      this website floatilla is full of lies israel never sent or wanted anyone to help Gaza people .. its all liessssssssssssssss

    • Angela, that site is filled with nothing but bull shit. Starting with the
      election fraud in Iran. ALL of the polls including the ones conducted by
      US media outlets showed Ahmadinejad with a huge lead and then when he wins
      with one the phony green party tools come out with signs in perfect english
      intended for the fox and cnn views. Who helped you put that site together
      Rush Limbaugh? Plus, Neda was murdered by the mossad.

  • hey you all just listen to him hes right about religion and yeah hate is not cool but beat him with smart words not more stupid babel !!!!by the way misfits rule !!!well not the new line up but old misfits do rule i miss danzig and graves um yeah thats it yup yup by folks i hate this silly site be good and go with buddy christ and the misfits by my fiends

  • admin:

    Can I get a witness?

  • The USA is not only just as guilty with Hawai?i as Israel is Palestine but much worst.
    work on your own nation first before taking on the world.
    Hawai?i has been illegally occupied and ruled for over 117 years.
    we have been a sovereign nation and kingdom since 1843.



  • admin:

    You can’t even spell the name of the goddamn state. My kingdom for a brain.

  • RufusTFirefly:

    My opinion on the whole Israel/Palestine situation is this: they need to grow up and be adults about the past. Let the past be the past, forget past transgressions, and deal humanely and in accordance with international law with each other. Nations cannot afford to hold grudges. Is it any wonder Israel is on so many muslim nations’ shit lists? They treat muslims as second class citizens, ignore human rights, and continually use the fact that they’re ‘surrounded by nations who want to destroy Israel’ as an excuse to treat the Palestinians like animals.

    But nobody in American government truly wants to hold them accountable for this atrocity – an attack on a peaceful aid flotilla – much less their policy of illegally displacing Palestinians, detaining them without charges, and killing and targeting civilians.

    Is this how a supposedly civilized nation acts? And how do her allies react?


  • admin:

    A sample of what I encountered on Facebook:

    Karen Lyons Pyle
    I have not had a chance to read all the arguments/posts on this thread, but my personal view is that she has proven she has lost whatever objectivity/credibility she may have had as a journalist…

    I was not around during the Holocaust, but I am SO in tune, for whatever reason, with those events that I a, extremely pro-Israel (this coming from a … See MoreCatholic)…

    I remember after my son was born, Ihad awful night terrors, for a year, almost memory-like, of being in a German/Jewish concentration camp during WWII; I even dreamt of body parts, arms, legs, torsos, everywhere…although those dreams passed 26 years ago (my son is 27), they are still quote vivid…call them what you want, post-partum depression, repressed memory – I don’t know what they were, I only know that I support Israel in their endeavors…

    For me,a s an American, it is no different that if a ship with alQuaeda members passed cliose to our Coast – you do what you have to do to survive and say “Never Again”…

    My Response:

    Michael Douglass
    I’m a little disappointed in your take on this. What exact Israeli endeavors do you support? They routinely engage in an egregious apartheid. They, of all people, should know better.

    What chaps my ass the most is that they should know better.
    … See More
    When you say “it is no different that if a ship with alQuaeda members passed cliose to our Coast – ” What do you mean? It most certainly is not as though such an analogy applies.

    These people were not terrorists, they were activists on a humanitarian mission. An appropriate analogy would be a boat or boats off our shore with people aboard wishing merely to provide aid (food, medicine etc. to a people deliberately deprived of it by us) for an entire segment of our own population that we oppress and commit routine violence against for nothing other than religious reasons. Again, an appropriate and far more accurate analogy than the one you seem to embrace.

    You say “Never Again” but it is happening again and perpetuated by the very people you would seek to defend, a people who should most certainly know better.

    Your vivid dreams are no excuse for your position
    here. They don’t apply and are abstract at best.

    You somehow posit that survival is at stake here. Israel has experienced the most vehement, popular and widespread demonstrations in it’s history profoundly against their own government’s/military actions over this very event. Demonstrations by it’s own people, taking to their own streets, shouting “not in my name”……in Tel Aviv.

    I’m sorry, but you are on the wrong side of this one. I feel as though we are friends and kindred spirits to some degree and as such, it is incumbent upon me to call you on this.

    Please read my blog and study the circumstances again with what I’ve said in mind.

  • RJ:

    I’m wondering if you have citations that you can publish regarding your statements relative to U.S. aid dollars to Israel?

    This response shouldn’t be construed as negative or inflammatory……..just wondering what hard data you can provide to buttress your contention.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Your sentence structuring leaves a bit to be desired but your point definitely has it’s heart in the right place. I am with you 100%. Fuck Israel.

    Furthermore, the inability to differentiate between “Antisemitism” and opposition to Zionism utterly sickens me, not to mention my extreme hate toward the unrepentant Nationalism Israel waves at the entire planet like a gigantic entitled penis.

    There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as Palestine is occupied unjustly by the Zionist.

  • admin:

    Read it again.
    No, nevermind.
    Thanks for wading in.

    “The Zionist”?

    I feel the need to make it clear that I’m no bigot. I don’t care what the faith or ethnicity or sexual or paper or plastic preference. I’m telling you none of that matters because what I see is wrong. As in can’t be justified. No overture, no apology.

  • DMOZ:

    Thank you for the great post – I had fun reading it! I always enjoy this blog. OH by the way, feel free to submit your blog to my free web directory. It will boost your visitors and backlinks!

  • JustOneFromDayton:

    First & foremost; I enjoyed your article/blog/P.O.V. (whichever is the correct terminology for what it is). I’m intelligent enough to look past the “poor grammar & sentence structure” (as pointed out by earlier posters who obviously have nothing more between their ears than the ability to use the TOOLS available for Microsoft WORD)and understand & appreciate the point you are trying to express. GOOD JOB!

    Common sense & logic tell us that our involvement will not ever stop the actions of one group over another; especially if those actions are being taken in the name of religion. Ireland? Catholics? How many hundreds or thousands of years has that mess been going on?

    It isn’t about what we believe in spiritually, it’s what we believe in based upon humanity, which benefits us all. BTW, for anyone reading this who only THINKS they know the definition of humanity; look it up! There is NO BENEFIT in pouring money (that is so badly needed HERE!) into a bucket that doesn’t support or subscribe to the notion that you cannot FORCE another to adhere to your wishes. It is possible, without warfare, to find common ground & get along. We do it here in America. It’s called compromise. We all deal with it daily. You don’t have to like it, but you certainly don’t have to murder anyone over it either.

    I for one, would love to see Americans elect into office the person who would make the unpopular stance “I think we need to reign-in the spending to other countries, on all levels. I think we need to let other countries deal with their own problems for a few decades, and see who or what prevails, then critically look into the outcomes before we make anymore decisions to involve ourselves”.

    I love the saying “Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity”. It applies here so very well.

    • admin:

      Hey, thanks for reading and participating.

      As for “poor grammar & sentence structure” …..whomever authored that can piss up a rope. It’s called STYLE. One must understand the rules thoroughly before breaking them.

      Anyway, your points are well taken and salient. Thank you.

      Please come back.

  • What if the Temple Mount, the Gaza strip, all of the “holy lands” became a national park?
    Possibly one of the stranger ideas many have heard, but I think it has merit.

  • Rack:

    What gives them the right to occupy? Well, the fact that they were invaded TWICE by neighboring countries which tried to obliterate them. Israel fought back against their aggressors and conquered just a little bit of their land. They gave most of it back immediately. As far as what gives Israel the right to exist in the first place, the Allied powers did. And the UN did. That area was under Allied control after the Ottomans were defeated, so we gave them a tiny little slice of land. Now all of the muslim “countries” around them think that this is too much. Israel exists as a pack of matches sitting in a football field of muslim land. The crazy muslims tell Isael “If you give us half of this little pack of matches to add to our football field, that will be good”. Total crap. If Israel really wanted to destroy this phony little “country” called Palestine, whose government is a known terrorist organization and has called for the genocide of all jews, the destruction of Israel, and the destruction of the US, they could do it in a heartbeat. The way I see it, the “Palestinians” are lucky that Israel has dealt with them so incredibly mildly.

    • admin:

      “Israel exists as a pack of matches sitting in a football field of Muslim land.”

      You said it. They appear hell bent to ignite themselves. Their policies and actions benefit no one, not even themselves. Would they but continue with their present trajectory, sand will inevitably be fired into glass and the meek shall inherit.

      I’m not kidding.

      There is no excuse for their treatment of those that surround them. The bully always gets his ass handed to him. Forgive my oversimplification, as I realize it always takes two (at least), but Israel has become a parody of herself.

      Thanks for reading and contributing.

  • Kris M:

    Some craigslist asshole is trying to get idiots to go to this site and attack you. I agree with most if not all that you have said. People died for . . . get this . . . paper and crayons for kids, medicine, etc. All I can think of is District 9, the Nazi Ghettos, and South Africa. How evil and wrong. This is not the will of God.

    Christian assholes state that Muslims can’t be right because they worship Allah, who is not the same God. Bullshit. Ishmael was reportedly in his thirties and his daddy loved him so he got him out before Sarah’s family had the kid killed. Are you telling me that Abraham taught Ishmael about a DIFFERENT God? Bullshit. That’s like saying Jesus was a Christian. Paul the jerkoff turned Jesus into a God, which is something he himself NEVER claimed to be. Did you know the Muslims believe in Jesus and the Virgin birth? So much for all the Christians saying it’s okay to be mean to them because they feel Muslims are pagan.

    So for this, we let people exterminate and crush another group of people? You have to be kidding.

    • admin:

      I can’t pretend to understand your various biblical/religious references but I suspect you’re onto something here. There is no difference between an extremist Christian, Muslim or Jew…they all court murder as means to justify an and end. One need merely ask after the common denominators to understand just how disturbed and hypocritical it all is. Thanks for wading in.

  • TomInGreeley:

    Here’s something you might be interested in reading.


  • Gary:

    Very good article, enough indeed.

  • Rita:

    Well, I agree with you. Maybe you should have added this about the Zionists….it’s half of where they got NAZI from. It was the coming together of the Nationalist Party and the Zionists…you know….that whole thing with HITLER. Seems pretty much the same to me and if people don’t wake up and check out the Zionist agenda pdq, well, I’m looking for a cave.

    • admin:

      Thanks for reading. Thanks for weighing in.

      America has no business participating in this crap. Our monetary mattress and our tacit approval make me fucking furious. Israel has become a nation of cowards with guns. There will never be peace until we walk away. It’s ugly on both sides. Ripe and stinking of bigotry and racism……but America’s complicity assures nothing but brutal perpetuation. Again, our money, power and influence does more harm than good while we pretend the exact opposite.

      It sucks and so do we.


  • Dr Lucien Kannon twe.:

    I used to rail about Israel and the fucking Zionist but if we get them th give back anything it will give justification of the US returning most of our land to the native americans and Mexico…It would be best just to fucking nuke the whole area so that no-one gets it and the assholes who can’t work out their issues are gone and they aren’t dragging us into their fucking mess.

  • admin:

    Well now,

    I’m not entirely sure where you’re coming from. America has had blood on her hands since the very beginning, our treatment of Native Americans, slaves et. al, but it’s a stretch to propose turning the entire region into radioactive glass. I do agree they’re all assholes for not being able to work it out. It’s absurd. I will confess to thinking that Netanyahu is no more egregious an asshole than Yasser Arafat……

  • Gab:

    Well, if we were to go waaaaay back, based on fossil remains, we’d find that Neanderthals lived among the Homo Erectus. War is and remains the problem when Neanderthals breed.

  • Merrill:

    I liked your comments. Israel is horrible. Their Washington lobby has been a bloodgusher for us. I used to be down with Jews; now I say down with the Zionists!

  • I love listening to Rush Limbaugh…it is so refreshing not to hear all the bull**** all the time!

    • Michael Douglass:

      Couldn’t decide whether you were spam or not so I let the the comment through. I can tell you that if you are real, you’re fucking pathetic.

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