A Jar Full of Glass Disguised As A Rant

It’s hard to spot if you’re not looking for it.

The positions taken by the GOP as a whole in the last two years, just might win them a short term game.  They’ve never been adept at long term thinking anyway, so yep.  On the wrong side of Civil Rights for example.  Social Security, Medicare…..I could go on and on.  Contrary to widely held belief, they’re shitty with budgets too; they make Democrats look Fisher Price.

But now they’re a new kind of crazy.

They’ve been infused.  The hopelessly corrupt even further corrupted.

Their policies aren’t just short term, they’re next week.  Something has changed.  You all know what it is because you keep seeing more of it and it’s disturbing.  Often it’s just a vague intangible fugue that you lose a little sleep over or it gnaws annoyingly at you during your commute.  Just as often it is so in your face you can’t wait to wipe your glasses or clean your windshield.

But you have to look for it.

Some forty plus percent of Republicans now believe Obama is some kind of secret Muslim after attacking his alleged brand of Christianity just two short years ago.  Like it makes one bit of difference.  I don’t give a mad fuck because organized religion is nothing more than Santa Clause for adults.

This time they don’t care that it will be short lived.  It doesn’t matter that their actions will come back on them soon.  How many of these fuckers are all about an apocalypse now?  Teabaggers led by the nose by the faux religilous/ corporate avaricious.  So loony, they even creep out their surrogate party.  There is a fracturing and neither is worth a shit without the other.  Harbingers of divide and demise.  I believe they’ve begun to understand that although they can seize power, they can’t hold it so it’s a race to gain as much control as possible before what they think of as The Ultimate Conflict and their own inevitable dissolve.

They speed for the bottom because they forget to breathe through their noses and they are willfully ignorant.  Because they hate and they’re good with that.  Distrust of anyone different and discrimination as comfort food.

Maybe you don’t have to look for it.

Sounds crazy but I’m not kidding.  These people are dead nuts.  When they sit in chairs in an emergency room or even a free health clinic they think of red white and blue on foil flags or handlebar streamers or one of those giant plastic cups you get at a fast food joint.  Nationalism, which doesn’t sound nearly as bad as socialism.  Or racism.  And Jesus.  They never fail to invoke Jesus even though they are the biggest hypocrites and most egregious liars to ever leave a foot print.

Oh shut up.  I realize there are good people from both faiths.  Good and evil.  Democrat and Republican.  Get it?

Just because you’re a Republican doesn’t mean you’re a racist, but if you’re a racist, I bet you’re a Republican.  Same thing kinda works for religion.  They all wear patriotism and religion like it’s a flag.  Who they are and what those concepts mean are mutually exclusive.

“When fascism comes to America, will it come wrapped in the flag, and carrying a cross?” -Sinclair Lewis

They would burn the Koran and prevent a community center that includes places of worship for all faiths including Jews and Christians.  A community center that’s not even visible from ground zero while they conveniently forget that people from all faiths, including Islam, lost their own that day.  They ignore that there was a Mosque in the South Tower of the World Trade Center.  I guess they own the patent on grief and bereavement even though their very own murder doctors in churches during services.

I guess maybe you don’t have to look for it.

But seriously folks, this new germ is not here to play in the street.  The same people that march vigorously with vacant eyes and open mouthed aplomb for our constitution and lower taxes openly challenge our first and fourteenth amendment while exploiting the second, can’t wrap their heads around the fact that they themselves are taxed at rates from a half century ago.  They are incredibly fucking stupid but they are dangerous.

It’s quite possible I tell you, in my best Rush Limbaugh conspiratorial tone, that the tea party seeks dominance because it wants to hasten the end of times.  Everyone one of them will claim at least to be the religiously zealous goofcocks they are.  I’ve made my case.  It’s rather obvious don’t you think?  Brought to you from the covert left wing of the EIB Network, home of the Human Shitsmear.

The generic GOP politico wants to be just that and they have all been so leaderless and rudderless that they were easily hijacked by a group of intellectual bed wetters (I swear I didn’t steel this from Bill Maher).  Now the chronic urinators walk the hen house.  It’s ridiculous.  The generic GOP politico doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind.

They all fucking suck.

All of them either stupid or coward or both.

Yet here we are again, the whole vulgar act being taken too seriously by dumb ass Americans that pride themselves for the opposite.

Goddamn people are stupid.

Drinks for my friends.

3 Responses to “A Jar Full of Glass Disguised As A Rant”

  • Al Kovnat:

    What can I say you took the words right out of my mouth. I can only say, I absolutely agree with everything you said 100% and thanks so much for sharing this to me and hope everyone will have the chance to read your statements.

  • Dragynn:

    “..yeppers, that there Obammer, he’s jest a mooslim, I read it in the Star at tha grocery store an Mary lou down at tha byooty parlor sed it wuz true…”

    Yeah…my favorite little internet cartoon, is the one of the cartoon guy with the top of his head on fire, and the caption is : ” ARRRGH, THE STUPID, IT BURNS!!”

    If only it did…..

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups, this is why we are still at war.

    And as far as X-tians go…well…what do you expect from a religious group whose main cherished symbol and icon, is a representation of an instrument of torture and death?

    Meet you in Canada amigo, i’ll bring tequila, we’re gonna need it.

  • Janet Carter:

    You nailed it again, Michael. Those fuckin nutjobs are really scaring me. I honestly believed for a while that there were only a handful of these idiots but now I realize there are hundreds of thousands and more drinking their kool-aid every day.

    What can we do to stop this bullshit before it’s too late?

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