Ecumenical Prowess

There’s no question that this fucktard down in Gainesville Florida who wants to burn the Koran is an abject idiot.  There’s no doubt that such an empty headed and bigoted stunt will inflame anti-American sentiment and therefore increase the risk faced by all our troops and even citizens of this country abroad and at home.  His “church” has less than fifty members.  That he matters and is able to somehow command worldwide fascination concusses my gag reflex.  The man is an egomaniacal  dipshit.

But still.  We’ve all got our panties in a self righteous bunch over the danger he represents to us all when it’s our own actions and policies that built the stage and carpentered the proscenium for this bullshit to occur on top of and underneath.  This is fucking stupid.  Islam didn’t start this.  Terrorists who happened to be Muslim did.  Ask yourself where we’d be if they were the same stripe of Christian fundamentalists who murder innocent abortion providers in churches in the name of God and Christ.  Think about that because they are all the same.

Karl Marx said that religion is the opiate for the masses.  Oh shit, he was a commie.

Defense Sec. Robert Gates called whackjob Terry Jones personally and General David Petraeus waded in as well as the pointy hatted Pontiff hisself.  This is absurd.  For Patraeus and Gates to pay or lend attention to this charlatan is bad enough.  For either of them to pretend that he’s one microbe worse than either of them should insult the intelligence of anyone paying attention.  The war in Iraq was wrong.  Hundreds of thousands if not more died because we lied to ourselves or allowed ourselves to be lied to.  The war in Afghanistan accomplishes nothing.  It is in fact, an egregious human deficit.  We make it worse by by being there everyday.  Hundreds of thousands will die and we will have accomplished measurably less there than we did Iraq, if that’s even possible once the shouting is over.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.


These wars and these men prosecuting them are our most exclusive and challenging petard.

They would have us believe that this goofcock would mitigate American interest in peace more than them?  Blow me.

As for the Pope, who gives a mad fuck?  Like he or the Catholic church could possibly be trusted as the arbiter of anything.  Morality?  Ethics?  Decency?  You’ve got to be fucking kidding.

They are all merely a punchline and this is all incredibly stupid because we are the joke.  If you’re paying attention, you get that.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Janet Carter:

    Awesome op-ed, Michael. Thanks again for your perfect insight to our Country’s problems. Keep up the great work !

  • Michael Douglass:

    Well thanks 🙂

  • antoinette:

    Hitler would be so proud of the American War on Terrorism;-( Yesterday I watched a YouTube video that reminded me of what GW promised back in 2001: We won’t stop until every single terrorist around the world (meaning “them others”) has been hunted down & destroyed. Apparently not including himself in such a tall order.

    About Loser Jones… Disproportionate attention to & importance/emphasis on what would otherwise be just more sociopathic rantings of another nothing-special grandiose islamophobic bigot with a currently popular scapegoat to milk. Yet another pile of poop to direct our attention away from what we should really fear (the true beast, not a mere dust mite that landed on it). My observation is that it can’t possibly be just this one soul-less little megalomaniac pastor/leader of what?–30 ppl in his tiny swamp church who’s raising hell with potentially far-reaching, life-altering (& life-depriving) consequences…

    Rather it’s the POWER ELITE behind the MEDIA who has used him by providing him massive air-time to spread his poison (a bluff imho). And it sure seemed this community center was destined for the impossible the instant it was publicly & purposefully mislabeled Ground Zero Mosque. What I find even more disturbing is what might lie ahead from The Example (ILLUSION) that this Loser Jones is So Powerful that he’s actually getting his way hence paving the way for others to do or attempt the same… a David vs Goliath sort of theme. I’ve listened closely to the Imam &, bottom line, I simply don’t believe Jones is the reason this project is being called off. From the start of this media circus (just another in an endless series of same), I’ve feared, after its completion, this community ctr would not be safe for anyone.

    Regarding General Betrayus (just made that up btw, an inspired moment @ reading your post)), GW’s & then Obama’s chosen Robert Gates—For me, YOU NAILED IT! Hey wait, careful now — quoting Marx (commie pinko socialist anti-capitalist atheist alien spies). To me & others within eyeshot of your words, you’re sounding terribly intelligent… but then The Patriot Act may not interpret it as such.

    Michael, I’m almost surprised you didn’t mention Viet Nam tho you in my mind you actually did make reference to it—SAME SAME SAME DECEIT & WASTE, huh? My Vietnamese friends call that The American War…. hmmmm…. wonder what the Iraqi, Afghan & Palestinian people have named this U.S. military occupation.

    Thanks for the invite, Michael, & that goes doubly for your sanity.

    • Michael Douglass:

      I have had a pretty hard day and your words and encouragement are exactly what I needed. Thanks for making me smile. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Kimberly Gunther:

    Thumbs up! 🙂

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