A Clockwork Orangutan

If you think I didn’t support Hillary Clinton because I wanted Donald Trump to win, you’re a fucking moron. If you think my support of Bernie Sanders cost Hillary her destiny, her inevitable and entitled coronation, you’re a fucking idiot. If you think I didn’t support Hillary Clinton because I’m sexist or misogynist, you’re a lamentable and disgusting, intellectually lazy and deliberately disingenuous, pathetic and willfully ignorant dipshit.

Supplicants for Hillary who continue to ignore the how and why of her loss, are less than useless. Agents welcoming not four years of this nightmare, but inviting eight.

Damage that will last for decades.


To ignore history guarantees a specific repetition.

53% of white women voted for Donny small fingers, so there goes your dumbass, sexism argument.

The train is off the tracks and it’s because the DNC ran the wrong goddamn train.  They shoveled black into the engine when they knew the bridge was down, the avalanche had buried the tracks. They opened the throttle wide, and applauded like toy monkeys with cymbals clanging, because the glass ceiling would be rent asunder.  Hillarian sexists made it about gender.

Pious democrat elites, blaming every goddamn thing they can find for the inevitable derailment. Refusing to take responsibility for their own complicity even after the crash. Hills afire and forests ablaze, the faithful standing around, thumbs up asses, screeching all of the above instead of owning that the candidate fucking sucked and it’s the fault of abject party inept.

All sanity and logic sacrificed on the altar of the DNC at Clinton’s behest.

Democrats that lost the the presidency, the house, the senate, the supreme court, most state legislatures and most governorships over the last decade would have us believe it’s because of gender bias, Russians and the FBI.


You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Now a possible recount in three rust belt states neglected by the democrat corporation because of it’s own echo chamber and hubris.  Even Stein admits she doubts it will change the outcome. What if it did?  A nationwide audit of all states that could serve to expose the fuckery of the Clinton machine?

This is the most jacked up shit I’ve ever seen.  The republican primary was resolute and definitive whether you like it or not.   The democratic primary was a study in the failure of political equity. A blatant disregard for the will of it’s constituents.  Reckless and unconscionable.

The tragedy here is that this shouldn’t have been a contest.  Breathtaking stupidity and arrogance. The Feckless whining of Clintonistas for not being able to hand this vulgar, orange ape-child his ass, is pathetic. The lesser informed called her campaign, “informed pragmatism”.

Remember when paid Clinton trolls got caught spamming Bernie sites with porn and reporting them to facebook right before the NY primary and got them all shut down?

Remember the hundreds of thousands of democrats purged from the voter rolls in all five Burroughs?

Remember when Sarah Silverman told Bernie supporters at the convention, “You’re being ridiculous”?

Drinks for my friends.

10 Responses to “A Clockwork Orangutan”

  • G.a. Underwood:

    The part about Bernie and porn is news to be, but sounds as legit as everything else that’s happened in this clusterf*ck. The election where the matter of issues was discarded along with the only respectable candidate. I’m very concerned on so many levels. I’m afraid. But most of all, I’m pissed.

    I’m mad that nobody’s telling the orange sh*tstain, NO, we won’t pay for 4-5 residences and offices.
    And YES, your interest conflicts DO matter.
    And why aren’t you Trump cult followers rioting over the now-shattered promises that you cared so very deeply about two months ago? Won’t you look kinda funny chanting, “Build that lawn edging!”?

  • Margaret:

    Yep couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Robb Chávez:

    What he said–& more succinctly than I could manage.

  • Ed Huefe:

    If you are looking for an explanation of why Hillary Clinton lost, you would do well to remember that she bullied to the point of complete alienation and disaffection nearly half of her own party’s base with an army of paid internet trolls tasked with ATTACKING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS IF NOT MILLIONS OF ORDINARY VOTERS ON THEIR OWN PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA SITES just for the thought crime of expressing non Clinton approved opinions. This premeditated campaign of total destruction waged upon the very people that Clinton would need votes from in the general election was an absolutely jaw-dropping display of dim-witted political malpractice on a truly epic scale. Clinton actually spent more money on her internet bullies at CTR then she did on Hispanic voter out-reach. Stop for just a moment and ponder the implications of that fact. When the history of this election is written, Clinton’s “Correct The Record” campaign unit will be remembered as that greatest act of political self-destruction in our country’s entire history. Clinton and DWS and the rest of their crew of entitled Washington elite insiders all managed to forget the most basic rule of elections: that nobody owes you their vote, you have to earn it each and every election all over again. Hillary tried to bully and abuse the voters into voting for her like some kind antebellum plantation owner ordering her whip cracking overseers to beat the slaves bloody to make them pick more cotton for her. But an election is not a slave plantation, it just does not work that way because when you treat ordinary voters like feudal serfs or chattel slaves, they respond by finding something better to do on election day besides showing up to vote for your arrogant bully ass.

  • James V.:

    Here’s the thing–it isn’t so important, that after eight or so months of manipulation, of few debates on nights where conflicting events were happening, on the weekends Bernie was kept from being introduced to the American people through the 20 debates, she got a few million more votes.

    Add the 500 point cushion, broadcast by the media, of SD’s, which always from the very start, made it look like Hillary had a commanding lead, always a psychological plus for the leader, and a problem for the one pulling up the rear.

    And there was the media collusion, the changing and adopting of Sanders positions once she found out the ones she really believed in were losing her votes.

    There was probably a million Sanders voters, who had statuses changed–MSNBC virtually ignored his huge rallies, showing Hillary meeting in mansions with high priced donors.

    It’s hard to say after all the manipulation of the establishment, how close Bernie would have been, with a proper introduction to America from the very beginning. The start of the race is most important, and had America seen and heard him more from the beginning, I suspect he’d have gotten more primary votes.

    And he got so close, flying into the hurricane wins of Hillary DNC favoritism.

  • How very sad, that america sold her soul for a mess of potage. Satan allways wins in a universe cursed by God after a woman listened to a snake ‘tell her’ not to eat the from His Private Garden.

  • Jesus came to redeem a lost and dying world, but was rejected , by the very people he came to save. He is still waiting, but most people have decided to follow the woman.

  • As long as man continues to look at flesh for leadership, he will continue to be disapointed.

  • Untill the Lord Jesus Christ returns, or untill his chosen ones are taken out or ‘raptured’, we who remain must continue to do the best we can and warn others of the coming tribulation spoken of by the apostle John in the book of Revelation.

  • ‘Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling, come home, come home. Ye who are weary, come home.

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