Trump Nation

I have every possible understanding of why and how this happened and I still can’t believe it.

President elect Trump was a a cartoon. Wile E. Coyote behind a tie manufactured in some third world country where workers starve and children are raped.

That the cartoon is now three dimensional, isn’t going to hit home until the chronically stupid realize this serial exhibitionist of indecency is lying to them about every fucking thing. How long will that take I wonder. He ain’t going to dance with the ones that brung him.  He’ll whip them the hardest.  It won’t be the cartoon that aims his douchenozzle to hose his base of frightened, desperate bigots while he stocks the hen house with foxes, chicken hawks and vulture capitalists.

It’s begun. As a country we’ve been the asshole on the block for decades. Trump is about to a be an even bigger asshole and the newest carcinogenic sugary breakfast cereal for the great unwashed at the same time.

Clockwork Orangutan’s financial conflicts of interest are a scorching STD.  This emolument issue is gonna be ants in his crotch until he sends a team of specialists to the lab.  Ever seen him squirm on camera?  Now you know.

I’m not gonna pretend I understand all the implications of what wall socket Clockwork Orangutan stuck his fork in with China, Taiwan or the Philippines the other day.  But I know he fucked up and fell on the coffee table in front of everybody. The crowd is all nervous laughter, waiting to see if he broke it because he went down so damn hard.

Bull in a china shop?  Wild boar on acid in a crowded mall?  Well, I know he’s a fucking idiot.  It’s been obvious for at least a decade.

He is upon us.

Am I the only one who wonders about these detailed ads on cable news about neck fat and junk in the chin?

Trump is the ultimate example of failing up.  To the most inept goes the throne. A bad Santa.  More confidence than dumb and spectacularly dumb.

I need that Chia Trump.

There’s always a silver lining, right?  Here it’s Trump’s bumbling, oafish transparency. Every header he takes, every time he steps on his dick, he’s going to do it live on TV and/or Twitter. We’re not going to look up in five years and suddenly realize our president has been wearing a wrestling mask and a giant gold plated strap on the whole time.  Nope, this stumbling mumbling fuck is all about waving his flaccid intellect, his lack of composure, discretion and discipline in front of any recording device available like a goddamn birthday present.

It is said that at least half of us are of average IQ or less.  I guess the law of averages bears that out but how many are actually eating crayons for fiber and watching cable news while drooling some gaudy waterfall of waxy technicolor?

A uniquely American self inflicted wound.

We’re in for a very long night.

Drinks for my friends.

5 Responses to “Trump Nation”

  • Michael Kusuplos:

    The Trump followers are nothing more than a “Argument from Ignorance or motivated Reasoning” – A belief held not because of eliminating false hypotheses, but because of wanting to think it true.

  • Cori:

    Bull in a China shop. Hen houses and fox. You and me are pretty much on the same page, even with our analogies. I seriously just want to safely be induced into a coma that expires in four years. No bullshit.

  • AmeriKKKa is imploding … I will be following your take on all this …

  • Guido Colacci:

    Michael, the positive point about the election of Trump is that it finally shone a light on what we were saying for the last eight years to people when it was proclaimed throughout the land, racism is dead, we elected a black president, homophobia is no longer an issue and non existent, sexism and mysogyny are reserved to the few knuckle draggers who still inhabit caves and isn’t tolerated anywhere, theocratic religious differences have evaporated by our understanding of the separation of church and state and freedom of worship and zenophobia ceased in our PC world. And this election put a bright light on the dark corners, the slimy crevices and under all the rocks where all these things are still very much a part of amerika and we were misinformed about our humanity. We were never so wrong in all our lives…A-well-a,hate, hate, hate well, hate is the word A-well-a,hate, hate h-hate’s the word. A-well-a, don’t you know about the hate. Well, everybody knows that hate is the word …

  • reiya:


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