All The King’s Horses

The officially redacted intelligence report was released yesterday.  It didn’t tell us much we didn’t already know and it didn’t offer any evidence for anything.  No commitment on whether anything affected the outcome. A most convenient air sandwich.

John McCain declared the Russian hacking of our election an act of war. Some dipshit on MSNBC actually said the Russians attacked us.  Leaked emails rise to this level of hysteria how?

Nobody hacked anything.

The Russians didn’t change any vote totals or compromise any voting apparatus.  Obama ejects 35 “operatives” and promises more sanctions. The problem with all this is there is zero evidence of anything. No evidence of an actual hack or an attack of anyone, by anyone.

I’m holding my breath for another slam dunk.

There was a leak.  The only entity involved and on record says it came from the DNC.

They swear they know who did it but don’t ask them what they did.

Half of Hillary supporters believe the election itself was hacked by The Russians.  Neoliberal media is intrinsically complicit by way of the war economy because they are owned by five or six corporations invested heavily in the two most profitable rackets in the world.  Death and oil. War Incorporated is giddy.

This time it could be real armies slaughtering each other.

No pesky terrorists.

The last time this kinda shrapnel was loaded into media cannons we ended up in a war with Iraq over something they had nothing to do with and weapons that didn’t exist.  Fake news indeed. A million lives lost over a lie. An entire region of our world ignited and burning out of control fourteen years later.

Last time there was smoke and mirrors with dogs and ponies.  Quite the production with dramatic testimony before congress on live TV.  Nothing more than talking heads and fearless politicians fomenting angsty nostalgia for the red scare this time. That and Iraq didn’t have a gigantic nuclear arsenal but Russia does.

There is that.

She lost but the powers that be are hell bent on having their next big war anyway.

The irony is that Putin and Trump appear to be the only adults in the room and that leads me to believe I’m getting yanked in way I don’t know.  But, I can all but guarantee you that the sum of evidence ever to be released on the matter will be that they can’t tell us what they know or how they know it because it would compromise security and ongoing operations.

Is there any chance, that just this once, we can refuse to be this fucking stupid?  We just can’t resist.  Let us count the ways. 224 years out of 240 at war. The real reason for American exceptionalism.  The longest lasting democracy ever.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Coleen Rowley:

    But it’s hardly funny when it’s true:

  • Jeffrey Zaiser:

    With the exception of whatever some, fee happy, money manager does with our retirement vehicles, who still plays the stock market anymore? Insiders, with the fastest computers and the latest software that will leave you a day late and a dollar short, that’s who. It’s the same with the news cycle, which is like a massive, fast moving wild fire, that generates its own prevailing winds, going, wherever the hell it own viral nature takes it. Every war we ever fought was preceded by a false flag machination, to incite the nations obligatory patriotism. Never mind that tax evading, profit hoarding, monied interests are NEVER obliged to demonstrate any form of economic patriotism, no matter how bad times get. Never mind that the US spends a fortune on domestic security and infrastructure, never mind that it provides the largest, mass consumer market on earth, the Elites feel free to cash out and take their profits, everywhere and anywhere, as long as it isn’t revenue for and/or capital investment in the host country, origin of their vast wealth. And now we are being goaded, once again, onto the band wagon of another false flag concoction. Seriously folks, Karl Rove painted the esteemed Governor of Texas, Anne Richards, as a degenerate lesbian, to open the door for a drunken, coke head, fly boy, AWOL from his champaign unit of Air National Guard, to walk into the Governors Mansion. And again, in the 2000 election, Rovian manipulation and the conflict of interest that flourished amongst Floridian state house officials, would see that a conservatively biased supreme court would select George W for the presidency. Even after the disastrous Shock and Awe offensive would find no WMD’s nor provide promised oil revenue the vote in the 2004 election the votes would be tabulated under the auspices of the proudly conservative Diebold corporation, makers of the ubiquitous ATM machines and then of privately controlled election machines. That, and Roves inversion of reality AKA “swift boating” John Kerry, the democrat had no chance. Russian Hacking? Are you kidding me? American democracy has been on the ropes — pushed by some and allowed by most — to the very edge of the precipice. Blaming the Russians for the precarious nature our fragile system, is the pot calling the kettle black. That it should be evident to anyone paying attention, speaks to the unlikeliness of reason and rationality coming to the rescue

  • Junior's Ghost:

    The Russkies might not be hacking us. But that judo move they just put on us was pretty fierce.

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