He Completes You

Donald Trump is the prototypical, contemporary politician.  Everything we’ve elected for the last thirty years without the statesmanlike patina of giving a shit for the people who would never vote for him or the ones who would vote for him no matter what.

A hideous white man paid for by white people.

It’s done.

White people need to eat this fucking mistake.  It’s time. If we don’t, we’ll all be biting the pillow for eight years instead of four. Establishment democrats need to get busy chowing down on this, they are the brain trust that threw Hillary at every thing except the rust belt and actual voters when it was obvious a goddamn ham sandwich would have prevailed never mind Bernie Sanders.

White people.

You bigots and mouth breathers, you fuckers pay attention too.  A lot of us are counting on you to be able to remember when the Kenyan gave you a shot at socialist health care and a job.

White people.

A four year long teachable moment looms.  Confronting this much darkness might be the gut punch we need. It comes down to the average white person’s threshold for bullshit, pain and hopelessness.  It’s obvious Trump has some special sauce because he fucking won. But if white people turn on him, he’ll shit the bed and make Nixon’s walk of shame look like a Sunday afternoon in the park.

White people might retain power long after we become the minority but we’re fools if we don’t see this as the perfect time with the perfect villain.

We need to change.

Russia, recounts and the electoral college have proven none the antidote.  Blaming everything along with the kitchen sink instead of the shittiest democratic candidate ever and a corrupt DNC is an absolute non-starter because it’s stupid white people shit.

Trump is tilting the pavement under everything.  He’ll have super powers very soon.  The broadsword of executive order.

This Clockwork Orangutan, his cabinet, and advisers must be opposed with all available furious anger. Demonstrated against. Petitioned against. Marched against in the streets.  By white people.  Lots and lots of white people.

It was miserably craven that republicans wished failure on Obama.  They obstructed him because he was black, liberal and a democrat.  In that order.  Still, I want Trump to taste ashes in his mouth wherever he anticipates victory. I want him to be humiliated. Because white privilege and an inheritance does not a leader make.

Because he’s a fucking idiot.

I want him to fail.  But he can’t be allowed to fail us. White people have the power to shove this twitter barking fuck off the high dive into that green scum pond that always collects at the deep end of an off season swimming pool.

He got the job.  He doesn’t deserve it although he did earn it.  He was hired as CEO of America by the same rules as all his predecessors.  Hired overwhelmingly, by white people.  He doesn’t deserve it because he doesn’t care about the job, the workers or the customers. He cares about nothing more than what’s his and how much more he can get. The same pathogen that infects the American oligarchy.

White people did this.

White people can undo it.

Drinks for my friends.

6 Responses to “He Completes You”

  • Bonnie:

    I agree. It’s an inside job.

    • deb martin:

      i’m a white woman. 54yrs old. i understand the use of white ppl, although i was very disappointed to see the son of dr. king lining up at the gold elevator. the deVos mindset is a double whammy. most on the left don’t even know about her, i kept saying the amway lady, she’s GOT to be kept away from our public education. the media is already normalizing THIS. i catch snips of ppl on cspan talk shows, ppl who care and want to help. except they’re explaining how WE can change, to dumb down – how ppl should PRAISE trmp to encourage better behavior. bullshit. he’s NOT my child. from now on i’m going to spend my reading time studying IMPEACHMENT.

  • Jilliberation:

    Crude and crass; but certainly, correct.

  • Patrick butler:

    Where do we meet for the drinks?

  • reiya:

    We shall get a taste of the Trump Brand of Democracy. HELP US ALL!

  • Air mom:

    Why must everything be based on race they can’t simply be good or bad ? I’ve seen wicked black men face to face
    I’ve seen wicked white men face to face !! In the same turn I know and love awesome black people and the same is true for white folks! but damn…..call a horse theif a horse thief !! I’m too sick of the race war it’s a pathetic attempt to make one more superior than the other it’s bull crap!! I was raised to love all people regardless of how you comb your hair …we are all in this together trump ain’t God and neither are we!! If you can’t support our country’s leaders by praying for them and call them out if they don’t do the will of the people then zip your mouth you are only inciting hate your part of the problem get responsible and get off yer donkey you’ve been riding like a high horse we are none perfect nor will we ever be but at least keep it real

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