What Goes Around

After the Twilight Zone mendacity of his presser the other day, I’ll go out on a limb and predict the demise of Clockwork Orangutan. He’s gonna taste his own blood while being dragged under a bus and I can’t wait.

Sweden has been attacked by green bowling balls.

He’s an ignorant prick.

It’s just not sustainable.

This isn’t necessarily good news. Pence will be up to bat and he scares the shit out of me. He’s a neoconservative, evangelical automaton. Where Trump was phoning it in, Pence is a career plutocrat that knows how to thwart forensics and stash bodies.

Dinner will still be served with all the familiar flavor nuances of fucked.  But after Trump, I’m afraid Pence’s lack of inner carnival barker will escape notice by a media inured to anything that doesn’t look, smell and taste like shit.  He’s so much more presidential.

Next in succession is the ever intrepid Paul Ryan.  He’s a sneaky little shit too.  None of these fuckers is going to back down.  They have the courage of their convictions. Sociopathic hypocrisy is the sincere impetus for their righteous indignation.  They will persist at shoveling bodies into engines.  No matter what.

There are way too many cowboys left.

We’re in for a very long night.  When the whole thing melts like a box of crayons at Fukushima, we’re staring down the maw of mayhem orders of magnitude beyond what anybody alive in this country has ever seen.

Housing prices are at bubble levels.  Middle class families can’t afford a median priced house. Interest rates are on the rise so inflation is likely next.  Watch the price of gas.  Labor statistics have always painted a rosier picture.  The lead story here is a massively over-valued market.  Tripling in eight years is far from normal. The numbers reflect not just the money being borrowed, but time.  There’s only so much of each.  The stock market doesn’t help us when it soars, yet it brings us to our knees when it tanks.

It’s just not sustainable.

It could end up every man for himself.  Stash some cash, food and camping supplies.  Make sure your passport is current.  Buy books on hunting and horticulture.  Buy seeds.  Buy some guns I guess because all the mouth breathers have them already.

Or steal a really fast car.  A really expensive one.  Figure out how to rob a bank.  First, figure out how to steal an expensive car.  Either way, get guns and as many explosives as you can.

I’m going full blown sports car, weapons and robbery.

It will be the most epic week of my life.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.  – Hunter S. Thompson.

Donald Trump was the candidate the DNC and Hillary actively promoted.  Hillary was the candidate the DNC forced upon us.  Bernie Sanders was the candidate Hillary and the DNC willfully sabotaged.  All this inevitable chaos courtesy of the democratic party.

How do you like them now?

It’s just not sustainable.

Drinks for my friends.

7 Responses to “What Goes Around”

  • Cori:

    Yes, yes aaaaand YES!! Doug and I are already shopping for a fifth wheel RV and a plot of land to call our own (cash). No mortgage? No problems with the housing bubble. We don’t use credit cards, so we have no concerns for debt in that area. Already planning the seed, solar, gun, ‘How To Survive the Trumpocalypse’ books… gardening, trip wires, canning, organics, harvesting seeds, dry storage, water storage, etc.

    While the world falls apart around us, we’ll be in our own sustainable, unburstable bubble, unlike all of the people that fell in line and conformed to societies demands of outstanding credit, 30 yr mortgages, financed cell phones (who does that???) and multiple gas guzzling vehicles. Keep up with the Jones’s?? We don’t even wave to them as we pass. The Jones’s are going DOWN!!!

    And we’re not so sure we like being Democrats any longer. There needs to be another party, because none of them speak to us or for us.

  • Deb Lander:

    True story, and let’s not forget that McConnell is next in line after Ryan. We’re fucked, without a kiss OR any post-coitus spooning. That’s why my Mexican visa is in the works.

  • Cathy Rouse Page:

    I am so screwed. Lacking liquid assets, lacking resources…all I have is DIY know-how and decades of living with less. Not much to trade for a place anywhere other than the US.

    I have known, for the roughly 4 decades of my adult life, that while citizens of the US make up a bit more or less than 5% of the world’s population, we consume more than 30% of the world’s resources. Year after year.

    That we have been able to do this comes at a high cost to people in other places.

    If the shit hits the fan in ways I am expecting, hunger and homeless will intensify…those who have will be targeted by those desperate souls who have not.

    Migrant workers are the entire reason that we have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meats and sea foods available. The orange one would rather see food rot in the field, than admit migrant labor was never a problem.

    The people who deny hard facts about climate change, freshwater depletion, ocean acidification, and other issues where science should inform governmental policies…pushes us closer to a point of no return.

    I am looking for a large rubber raft…

  • Julia krauss:

    Me thinks Orangutan’s (of all the briliance i have had the pleasure of reading from you my friend I ask permission to use your wondrous nickname for him from here on out?almost ruined my new shirt with coffee spray)
    demise was part of the plan. Nothing this undoubtedly jack-fucked stupid could be anything less. The plan– put the dubass in place let him jack-fuck himself into impeachment… then we get who we would have never got anyone to vote for placed by legal sucession. By George hot damn its a perfect filing bait and switch… either way we are still muthafukin fucked…

  • Joe Ferraro FindANerd.com:

    Cash will mean nothing in this new world.

  • Watching the Frontline series of shorts “Betting On Trump” you see in vivid detail those that are left behind and un prepared ready to by the “Orange Lies”. But over the past 30 years the wall of the electorate are lined with those that voted against their own self interest so the massively Orange Tinted fireballs of deception eaten by the cult is not unprecedented or unexpected. The “jobs” that have sent the primarily white and primarily middle to lower class to the voting booth with the fake faced tan, are gone due to “deep learning” automation. Even highly skilled and highly compensated computer professionals are being phased out by automation. This was happening all thru the Obama administration. In 5 to 10 years MILLIONS MORE will be without a place in the an economy in which only those that own large companies are able to prosper. The jobs are not coming back. They are extinguished because of progress and innovation. The conservative can use tax money to rebuild infrastructure and this will put a bandaid on the inevitable, an aged America workforce with no way of earning a living wage in an economy that was build on the backs of cheap (mostly abused or enslaved) without the moral will to take care of the tribe. Socialism is the way to rectify this. Many experts have been speaking to the government of the wealthy that we must take tax dollars and build social programs that pay displaced worked a living wage to conduct social activities (caring for the elderly, teaching reading and job skills, working with the homeless).Still, make mine a double.

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