Senator Warren claims Native American heritage but can’t be bothered to show up at Standing Rock even now that the situation is at its most dire.  Her people and the water supply for 17 million.  She threw her considerable weight behind the candidate that sold out so thoroughly she lost to the worst used car salesman to ever become a celebrity.

She pays requisite lip service to social issues but will sell us out on economic concerns as fast as as any republican.  She already has.  People will die.

Senator Booker, so worried about the safety of prescription drugs manufactured in America and sold from Canada that he votes against people being able to afford them and continue living.   The single largest recipient of campaign cash from big pharma in the senate.

He pays requisite lip service to social issues but will sell us out on economic concerns as fast as as any republican.  He already has already has.  People will die.

All of the sudden these two hogging the limelight with self righteous indignation bucking for management of the hot dog stand in four years and only in play because the media.

It’s getting harder and harder.

Because the media.

The marches after the inauguration were heartening. The angst was as palpable as the conviction was visceral. But exactly what was it about?

Hillary was on some veranda, a Cuban in one hand a Mojito in the other giving it all her most sincere golf clap.

Everybody loves that it happened.

We all feel better.

Because the media.

If there’s a story here, it’s that our media is more responsible for this cotton candy haired pimp than any other goddamn thing and now they’re all about any device at all to destroy the monster they made after raping our eyes, ears and brains with him for two fucking years.

Your friends Rachel Maddow and Bill O’Reilly.  Chris Matthews and Chris Wallace.

Even if we were all to unite against Trump, the 800 pound gorilla would still be shitting the rug in the middle of the living room.

The other day when responding to the statement that Vladimir Putin is a”killer”, Trump said, “What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?”

Liberal media heads exploded like overripe grapes in a pizza oven.

A broken clock is right twice a day.  Clockwork Orangutan is right.  We are, as a whole, worse.  I guarantee you America has killed far more innocent people, civilians, women and children, than Russia or Vlad The Impaler in the last two decades.

So I said so on facebook.

The crowd went wild.  My dipshit “liberal” friends hollered in all caps that I was Putin whisperer.


Republicans are infamous for embracing the absurd and unconscionable as means to obstruct. Asshole hypocrisy is their brand.  Democrats can’t seem to re-vertebrate.  But, there’s no room for slut shaming the first lady.  I don’t care where Barron Trump is on the spectrum.  It’s none of our business.  I don’t give a mad fuck if Clockwork Orangutan paid Boris or Natasha to piss on him in a Moscow hotel room.

It’s all about team. The democrats swear communists are at the door while the republicans are hiding Muslims under our beds.  And the media lies, obfuscates, foments and sensationalizes all the way to the bank.

Let me just spell this out for you.  Democrats versus republicans is your brain on a full hypodermic of media.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Turn off your fucking television.

Drinks for my friends.


8 Responses to “Poseurs”

  • “Even if we were all to unite against Trump, the 800 pound gorilla would still be shitting the rug in the middle of the living room.” We, the people, are cleaning up after this one.,

    • Roland Gauvin:

      Have you personally asked Senator Warren to go to Standing Rock ?If you habe you should have stated her reasons.
      If you haven’t you are guilty of shoddy journalism.
      I am a proud progressive that stood with the people of standing rock in Rhode Island.
      Some stand on the rock.
      Some stand with the rock.

  • Robert Platka:

    Great article. My only concern is your dismissing the possibility that Putin has compromising information on the President. While I agree that America has been responsible for as many senseless deaths as the Russians, I don’t think we want them being able to blackmail POTUS.

  • Wwinsti:

    How many friends have I completely turned off by asking this basic question:

    Which US politician has you absolutely convinced that they do not have a sex tape- One that’s already in the wrong hands?

    Such naivete is why important discussions will never happen. As long as we keep falling into the same dumb trap, set in the same dumb place, complete with the same dumb sign (HEY, TRAP IS HERE!), there’s no reason for those in power to fear for thier careers.

  • Cathy Rouse Page:

    I have a very bad feeling about what’s ahead of us.

  • Helen Loughrey:

    Yep. Same.

    A Republican is like a madman who justifies stabbing you in the chest.
    A Democrat expresses outrage at your chest wound while stabbing you in the back.
    They both make off with your wallet.

  • Bonnie Flournoy:

    As always you pick up on what the average Joe/Joy are unable or willing to talk about. I love you for that.

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