The Greatest Story Ever Told

The most egregious, efficacious and insidious lie ever sold to Americans by our government is that there’s not enough tax revenue to afford the rights guaranteed us as human beings.

We have no say in what we want as opposed to what we would even consider or tolerate when it comes to what our taxes pay for.

Textbook obfuscation.

This whole bullshit battle over how to solve our health care problem is just that.  Stupid and embarrassing.  Medicare without co-pays or deductibles or any other fees of any kind, for every single man woman and child within our borders, regardless of citizen status, should be implemented tomorrow morning.

The ACA is archetypal legislation fomenting the perjury that the people are getting what they deserve while filling the coffers of the filthy rich.

The Ryan plan to replace it was a cruel joke.  Dead on arrival because it was vicious and hopeless.  A model for insurance companies to increase profits by withholding treatment and cure.  Hundreds of thousands would die and that little prick could not give a shit less.  Actually celebrated by hundreds of people elected to look out for millions of their own people.

Eliminate insurance companies and the problem is solved lickety split.  The profit component of the American health care system is immoral and indefensible.

Just look at the size of that profit and how shitty the care is.

Every human being on this planet deserves this and as the richest country in human history, it’s goddamn criminal that we don’t have it.  The result of a riotous and sustained onslaught of pernicious lies. If we can afford a trillion dollars a year to visit prolific death upon the rest of world, we sure as hell can afford to visit the kindness of a prolonged and healthy life on our own.

There is no intellectually honest debate to be had here.

Single payer.  Universal health care.  Medicare for all.  Whatever the hell you want to call it as long as what we pay in taxes already covers it and not a penny more.  I don’t give a mad fuck if the newest aircraft carrier sinks and the latest fighter jet can’t get off the ground.

Revenue neutral.

The epic fail of Ryancare and the microscope left trained exclusively on the ACA as a result, leaves an ever expanding vacuum in it’s wake.

Now is the time.

Drinks for my friends.


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  • Cathy Rouse Page:

    Health care is but one issue where our elected representatives demonstrate just how inconsequential We, the People are viewed by the powers that be.

    Preventative health care is fiscally sound…but, even more…it is inhumane to deny people access to medical care that prevents debilitating and disabling outcomes.

    Same mindset concerning education. Access to quality education to be limited to the “elites”.

    When will We, the People decide we have had enough of this bullshit?

    Excellent post, Michael.

  • Hi Michael, this is another great article … My understanding is that it was Richard Nixon’s administration that made health care for profit legal … Haven’t had time to do all the research, but I figure if anyone would know, that would be you … Carry on … 🙂

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