What Case Scenario?

Once Clockwork Orangutan outlives his usefulness, his impeachment will commence. Such a prolific flood of throat raping policy proposals and vicious budget cuts directed specifically at his base isn’t sustainable even though they’re dumb as sticks. He’ll wreak as much havoc with his name on it before they undermine and ultimately abandon him.

Maybe they’ll let him off with some version of ‘hospitalized for exhaustion’ and fuzzy tabloid type photos of him in a hospital wheel chair will be leaked before they trot out a tragic story of his debilitating stroke and Pence gets sworn in.

One way or another he’ll be out of the White House like shit through a goose.

Then we’re really fucked.

I guarantee it won’t have a goddamn thing to do with the Ruskies hacking, colluding or tampering with our elections in any way. I don’t doubt they tried, but there is no there, there.

Maddow’s breaking bombshell last week was a 12 year old tax return that shows Trump is a typical filthy rich scumbag who took advantage of the same loopholes that all the filthy rich scumbags take advantage of. He paid a higher percentage than Obama. Color me nonplussed.

Probably the most he ever made in a single year. He leaked it.

She Rick Rolled her entire audience. Twitter lit up like a Christmas pinata on the fourth of July with faulty wiring and a belly full of jet fuel.

Awesome ratings and demographics.

She’s long since jumped the shark.

It’s burlesque. Shrill, desperate and I’m over it. Trump is a natural disaster of the human kind. All this glaringly unsubstantiated propaganda is only inoculating him for the next scandal. The media is cheap and lazy for crying this much wolf.

Establishment democrats are predictably complicit. Blowing really hard. They’ll be exhausted by the time there’s a smoking gun. They’re all guilty of the same thing, just check their net worth and lean it against their salaries. Check their voting record on his appointees. Liberals being liberals have made the word liberal into a punchline.

Maddow was live the other night with an entire segment on “The Russian hacking of our elections”. A few nights later she had another segment on “The Russian attack”. Maddow is so unhinged that she’s actually begun blaming Russia for the elaborate social media blitz waged by the Clinton campaign and it’s Super PACS on pro Sanders’ sites last spring . She’s lying. There’s no evidence for any of it and there never will be. Rachel Maddow is fake news. I’d rather hold my breath for evidence of Obama taking over all the microwave ovens in Trump tower.

What I’m saying is that Trump is no more guilty of election fuckery than the Clintons or the DNC. Trump hasn’t indulged in any more financial impropriety with enemies of our state than half of goddamn congress along with the Clinton foundation.  If they dig deep enough the exposure could prove the house of cards is stacked higher than the market will bear.  He’s a poster child for narcissistic personality disorder and that only makes him as bad as the rest of them.

The only difference is that he has no control over his inner asshole.

Media carries the water.  They’ve stopped showing us.  Now they just tell us.  They’ve stopped asking questions and started selling answers. They broadcast a corporate agenda.  The conspiracy here is the $2 billion in free air handed to Trump by the media while conspicuously ignoring the other populist movement drawing crowds twice the size.

And we tuned in.

We’re still tuning in. While the liberal media rubbernecks Russia in American living rooms every goddamn night.  While the hearings this week revealed nothing. While the world burns.

Turn off your fucking television.

There is no there, there.

Drinks for my friends.

2 Responses to “What Case Scenario?”

  • reiya:

    How does a miners son become an artistic and genius zzz7 & generally brilliant? Can’t you get published in the New Yorker or something? “Shit through a goose;” what do you do hang out around slimy ponds with Geese, pooping all over the place? I like that you didn’t say gooses ass. Do you have beings that you visit with in like say another dimension or the dream state? I imagine average people bore you to death? The inner ass thing was insightful, though No I don’t think Trump will be leaving the white House, unless he is assassinated, soon. You over estimate and should know We are in the ear of the inner ass, not the inner chi.
    I’ve always like the term nonplussed, I get it confused with non-pulsed. Could you use that term in one of your pieces?
    I compliment You because you have the plus factor down, where your writing keeps getting better.

  • Steven Wolf:

    Well said. I wish there was more positive coming out of us – but mostly – it’s just ignoramuses shitting themselves in every direction…

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