Dear Bill Maher, you’re a dick

Thanks for devoting an entire enlightening segment last week to Donald Trump being fat.

Feel better?

You phoned it in from a third grade playground. We all got your particular disgust with the chunkier than thou.  Making fun of fat people is why you’re really popular after all.

It’s far from the first time you’ve done it on live television. Do you enjoy fat shaming the supermarket checker or the the bank teller because they’re even remotely endomorphic?  Why is Michael Moore excluded from your callow bullshit?  How does he feel about your latest adolescent tirade? He’s a frequent guest.  You should ask him.

I can’t picture you making that call.  Because he’s really fat, right?

Is this a hobby or an obsession?  Thin privilege much?   Is it only okay when they’re assholes?  Is that your litmus test?

What does this say about you?

You devoted a second consecutive episode and considerable energy to blaming progressives for Clinton’s demise and Trump’s ascendancy.  It’s cheap and lazy.  It’s intellectually dishonest.  You might think you’re punching down but these people are far better than you.

How can you blame anyone for earnestly and sincerely voting or not voting their conscience, especially in this election, you elite prick?

I’m sick and goddamn tired of your blaming anyone and anything other than the fact that a proven to be corrupt DNC tried to ram the most crooked, the most disliked democrat to ever run for president down our throats. Hillary has a lot in common with Trump. Neither one can bear to take any personal responsibility for their personal failings or mistakes.  They blame everyone else.

Just like their supporters.

Just like you.

Sanders is the most popular elected official in America. Clinton was the most disliked democrat to ever run.  Trump’s numbers are in the basement.

Do the math.

Your precious neoliberal, establishment democrats will never win another national election without us. Ever. The dumbest among them still haven’t figured this out.

Just like you.

Our problem is that the president of the United States is a former emperor of reality television. Our problem is that at the same time his opponent was conspiring against her primary challenger with the full force and weight of her own democratic party, she was conspiring to make sure he was her opponent in the general, with the full force and weight of her own democratic party. Our problem is she fucking lost and now Clockwork Orangutan thinks he’s the emperor of the entire goddamn planet.

What you’re saying however, Mr. Maher, is that our problem is progressives and Trump’s fat ass. Because earnest and sincere voters ruin everything.   Because anyone who’s waist size is greater than their inseam isn’t qualified to appear in public and risk provoking your boorish prejudice.  Because Hillary is merely “guilty of sending emails from the wrong laptop”.

I used to respect you for saying the things no one else would say.  Now you cater to the lowest common denominator.  You’re selling shitty used cars to the cheap seats.

Jump the shark much?

Grow the the fuck up Bill.

Drinks for my friends.




11 Responses to “Dear Bill Maher, you’re a dick”

  • reiya:

    WOW. That was good, you do know how to call people on their Bull Shit! I hope Bill Maher reads this article and becomes slightly enlightened. The contemporary humans do love to shame and hurt others. Thank You for cleansing this low level attack on fellow humans.

    Hillary was in the game and limelight too long. Voters like fresh meat, even though most elected officials let us down.

  • Randje:



    In answer to your question: Yes. It is perfectly fine when they, like you, are assholes.

  • Sam:

    I disagree. It seems you’re just bitter because your candidate (bernie – whom ive supported before he became popular with most) conceded and didnt go to elections. Theres a reason why he didnt break off the dem ticket and run as independant….. Because he knew what was at stake with trump presidency!!!!

    However, the bernie or bust voters, either didnt vote or worse voted for the Donald… If you did the latter, i can understand the outrage of critcizing maher for making fat jokes of the donald!!

    Get a grip! Maher is a comedian and has taken heat for his at times brass jokes…. But to somehow equate that to discard his political disertations are quite laughable.

    In ky opinion, Maher has always been on the right side of politics and has one of the best political shows on. He invites both sides of the coin and they dish it out! Unlike some other echo factor shows.

    I believe you should forgive bill and then yourself… Annd then come on back, we’ll need yiu when Bill runs for president next term.

    • Em:

      Actually, most Bernie or Bust voters voted for Jill Stein. Far less BoB voters voted for Trump than the number of hillary democrats, (PUMAs), who voted for McCain over Obama in 2008. Stein had a closer platform to what Sanders was running on than the WW3 platform espoused by Clinton when she discussed how great a no fly zone in Syria would be. Don’t like it? Quit voting for neocon democrats.

  • Sam:

    Also, i just wanted to add, that its disturbing to me when others (from either political line) are quick to say that Hillary was unpopular and too “***fill in with whatever***… Id like to point out that she recieved almost 3 million more votes than trump…. Which makes her the 2nd candidate to recieve the most popular votes in usa… Had the bernie or bust peeps towed the line as bernie asked them too we wouldnt have ruusians in the Whitehouse!

  • Karen M Colbourn:

    Bill Maher is not wrong.Donald Trump is fat, even fellow reality TV personality Mehmet Oz, M.D. pointed that out when he released his medical status during the campaign on the Dr. Oz show.

  • Jude Rene Montarsi:

    Well said! I’ve enjoyed Bill Maher over the years, but he is beginning to morph into a caricature of “Trumpillary.” He’s becoming downright “deplorable.” More end more he is crossing the line from political satire to neoliberal propagandist. He and Ann Coulter should elope to Yemen for a Muslim Wedding…and the rest will be his/herstory. He should also ask for his campaign donation money back from DNC candidates and donate it to the Muslim victims of the Palestine and Syrian genocides. Yawn.

    • John J Szilezy:

      You are wrong.If you don’t like him Then don’t watch the show.Hey Jude don’t make it bad,sing a sad song and make it better.Don’t let it under your skin then you can begin to make it better.

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