Did I forget to mention Russia?

I have zero doubt that Bernie Sanders would have handed Trump his ass.

Neither Hillary or Clockwork Orangutan are politically self aware, they think they’re fooling everyone. She still thinks she won.  They blame everything.

Blaming is the opposite of leading. An abrogation of being elected.  As is losing.

The DNC admitted in open court they don’t owe anybody shit. Not the citizens that give them money. Not the people they mislead into thinking they are represented and not the voters to whom they swore they’d be impartial. No moral, ethical or fiduciary accountability or imperative.

Republicans are infamous for their success at getting the base to vote against their own best interests.“You know the difference in Democrats and Republicans?” Bill Clinton said in a 2003 speech. “In every presidential election, Democrats want to fall in love. Republicans just fall in line.”

Republicans fell in line.  People didn’t fall in love with Hillary while too many fell in love with Sanders and Trump because she was noseblind to populism and Trump had no idea it was his message.

Negative campaigns only work when the candidate is dirty. When the personal and political terrain of a candidate is so wrinkled with corruption and perfidy, the seeds of falsehood find purchase. Media handed Trump $2 billion in policy free coverage at the same time Hillary conspicuously abandoned policy by climbing down into the ditch with him.

Media built the cage, the two ugliest people ever nominated for world sheriff entered, and he beat her ass because of crude but protracted experience.

They were only there because they were ugly.

Hillary absolutely went there with Obama and she lost.  It was hard to watch.  Sanders never ran a single ad that even mentioned her name.  She sent her daughter out to tell old people Bernie would take their health care away.  It was disgusting.  She lost.

Trump had nothing on Bernie. The only thing he knows how to do would have backfired.  What Trump did to Hillary would have been pissing in the wind with Sanders.

I adore Bernie Sanders and I own that he’s sincere.

He’s wrong.

If anyone can reform the party from within, it’s Bernie.

But he can’t.

He’s the best man to try.  It’s too far gone.  There is no more compelling evidence than the last election. The shitstorm between then and now has been appalling. Hello Perez and Bauman and Hillary’s new super PAC.

Don’t talk to me about the popular vote or the electoral college.  Erase the “liberal” bubbles of LA County an NY City and her 2.8 million popular vote vanishes.  Those are the goddamn rules and that’s exactly how Trump won.

It’s not like he figured it out.

It was fucking obvious.

We’re in for a very long night.  Trump won’t be impeached and even if he is, the bench is as deep as it is horrifying.  Pence, Ryan and then the cabinet.  Democrats show no sign of pulling their heads out of their asses.

The only chance the democratic party has is to tell the truth and they aren’t going to do it.  They’re just too goddamn deplorable.

Drinks for my friends.





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