A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages

Bernie Sanders let go the other day that he’s not ruling out running again.

As far back as 2014, I knew that Republicans had exactly nobody to run for president. 17 members of an insane clown posse eventually showed up. Clockwork Orangutan was as laughable as the rest. Nobody took him seriously until it was way too late.

The scenario for democrats is spooky identical today.

They’ve got nobody.  Booker, Warren, Harris.  Wanna buy a fucking bridge?  Zero authenticity.  Three bullshit careers that when combined, don’t equal the span of time of one man doing the right thing consistently for the last forty years.

Regular working class democrats need to own not just how bad the Clinton dynasty is but how flawed Obama was.  There was a lot of hope but little change.  He left the country barely better than he found it. Bands aids and antibiotic ointment.  First aid.  Not even a triage for the people in real trouble. Wars raging.  Income inequality and wealth disparity accelerating.  Access to education and health care in entropy and atrophy. Rich getting richer and poor getting the shit kicked out of them even more.

Desperation is no longer of the quiet variety.

It will only get louder.

Democrats have plenty of losers to run against republicans, but they have exactly no one to challenge the Kung Fu grip of whatever the fuck it is that rules us these days. They are out of power, but they are still part of whatever the fuck that rules us these days.

Elections are being won with less than one quarter of registered voters so upheaval and chaos is not only possible, but likely.  All that’s missing is inspiration.

Sander’s age only concerns me to the degree it will be a campaign issue.  As long as his vigor remains as consistent as his vision and conviction, I have zero fucks.  The fact that he’s past the life expectancy for an American male makes him uniquely qualified.

As far as I can see and as near as I can tell, the song remains the same for 2020.  It will be a seller’s market for populism and change.  There will be Trump’s brand.  Fear, hatred and anger. With any luck, there will be Bernie’s brand. Common sense, compassion and equality.  Had voters been given both brands in 2016 to choose from, they most certainly would have chosen the latter.

Give voters a good choice and they’ll take it every time.

Democrats are determined to shit the bed instead of making it.

The DNC may have to have to beg Bernie Sanders to run as one of them.  He has the single best chance of winning the presidency of any third party candidate in the history of America.  The best chance of winning as a democrat.  The best chance of derailing any democrat.  Still the best chance for beating Trump or Pence or Ryan.

He’s the most popular elected representative in America for the sake of fuck.

There won’t be a democratic president without him or his followers.

Drinks for my friends.

12 Responses to “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages”

  • Kimber L Heitert:

    I Love Bernie Sanders, and would be happy to have him as our next President.
    I also would love Elisabeth Warren as our next President!

  • Steven S Wolf:

    Dipshits still think E. Warren is a progressive.

    Seeing that, DNC will ignore all of this and run some POS.

    And who fucking knows who will get elected?

    Whether it’s a DNC POS, or a GOP POS, I can guarantee you it will not be Sanders or Stein or anyone worthy.

    It will just be a POS.

  • Jeffrey Zaiser:

    t was as essential for Bernie to imbue the next progressive warrior with the right stuff, as it was for this progressive to come forth to be inculcated accordingly. Unless I’m experiencing some perceptual myopia, I’m not aware of such a transformative convergence. We need a Joan of Arc, or a Jesus Christ, someone who’s character is transcendent and beyond the reach of material gain and the pitfalls of vice and vanity. Someone who understands that doing the right thing for the greater good of society and the planet, will ultimately be a suicide mission, disguised as a radical calling. Sooner or later, there will be a burning at the stake or a nailing to a cross. The-powers-that-be take extreme umbrage to the assertion that realty is broken, and that they broke it. They are proud of their machinated power through the usurpation of wealth. From their perspective, reality is conforming to the tenants of neo-feudal design; drafted at the conception of civilization. The American futurist and self-described social engineer, Jacque Fresco, envisioned a utopian world of energy efficiency, coexistence with the nature, renewable resources, and sufficient and sustainable sustenance for body and mind. He couldn’t give away any of his multitude of prescience to city planners who were beholden to the profitability projections of corporate-think and short sighted bureaucracy; no less, to capitalize on them. And so, he was approached by a plutocrat who said: “You’re a smart man, why aren’t you rich” and to that Fresco replied: You’re a rich man, why aren’t you smart”. And therein lies the dichotomy, inherent in all materialistic societies. The satisfaction of immediate, quantitative wants, at the expense of sustained, qualitative needs for dignity and purpose. And from this political vacuum that Michael Wade Douglass has so depicted, the question is begged: who, if anyone, will emerge to endure the political gauntlet and confront the megalomaniacal, self appointed monarch, obscenely naked before those who refuse to see? (jz) “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson-

  • Cathy Rouse Page:

    The Democratic Party is hanging in ruin. Party leadership still seem to fail to realize why. Blue Dog and Third Way corporate whores are just like their Republican counterparts…don’t even bother to hide what they are and who they serve. It’s damn sure *not* We, the People.
    Cannot even discuss what needs to change going forward, with people on my god damned friends list. Because *that* ends up becoming a slug fest between Bernie vs Hillary supporters. Even among those I have considered the most reasonable; the most informed.

    Beyond the disaster Drumpf and Co are, beyond the ineptitude of Congress, taking stock of the number of states controlled by Republican legislatures and/or governors and it is apparent about who is going to be setting policies in the long term. If I understand the Constitution correctly, only ONE more state government falling to Republicans necessary to create amendments that would set us further back than even these spineless Congress critters want.

    Pass those drinks, Micheal. I want to drink until my liver screams.

  • REIYA:




  • Bill Reitter:

    The Dem plan is BS: What good are “better skills” if there are no jobs? What good are “better jobs” if they are toxic and polluting? What good are “better wages” if they are only for a select few? We need a plan that is social and ecological: Good for people and planet, not just Wall Street and the Banksters! Capitalism, by its very nature, has proven itself to be ultimately corrupting because wealth is power and extreme wealth is extreme power. Power to make it easier to get more power and wealth by controlling the laws, courts and politicians. Our flawed constitution has always favored the landed gentry, the elites and the banksters, not Main Street and the workers. We need democracy at work. Freedom in the workplace. Power in communities to regulate what people really need and want, to be happy, safe and healthy. Is that to great a dream?

  • CH:

    Hey nice new brainspank header. Kinda miss the hulk tho. I feel honored to represent. Thanks for the drink.

  • Sean:

    HRC as a choice of candidate was a step back, if only because of all the baggage that family brings to the table. However; she did amazingly well (way better than I thought she would) and we would not be looking down the barrel of a gun on every single issue that matters right now had she been elected. To be clear: the majority of Americans voted for HRC, like her or hate her, and the election was stolen by CIA level interference on all fronts (IMHO). Republicans ran Nixon twice, if he’d been a Dem he would have been shunned away as a ‘loser’ after his loss to Kennedy. They build on a candidates fame/notoriety while we keep pushing folks aside thinking somebody better (or ‘cleaner’) is gonna walk through the door tomorrow. Meanwhile GOP is torching everything they can get their fingers on, chuckling at how confused and angry we are as they stack the courts with right wing appointments chosen by the federalist society. If you really want to “win”? Climb down from your holier than thou soap boxes and get involved on a local level, state level and then finally national level. Accept that this is a long game and avoid the temptation of ‘purity tests’ that only push away the majority of voters. Koch brothers have been playing the long game for years, the ultimate goal being to change the constitution, and you guys want to play games about who’s truly a progressive? Elizabeth Warren is a decent choice, Harris would be a nice change. Will they take corp money? Money runs the world, the problem is not the money per se, it’s how much we are expected to give away in exchange for it. Clear lines need to be drawn. Also balls need to be grown: Gore conceding to Bush was a huge blunder, as was HRC not forcing a recount of every swing state. Why are Dems always “reasonable” when it comes to election losses while the GOP has historically made deals with Iran or North Vietnam to win elections? Stop with the moral high ground bullshit. If you don’t win you don’t get a place at the table, no matter how “pure” you insist you are and how “clean” you hands are. And the world goes to hell. Has any progressive billionaire come up with a media empire to rival Fox/Sinclair? Is there any silicon valley tech genius with a plan to contain Robert Mercer and his bot army? If the answer is “no” we’d better all join together and find the best compromise candidate we can, because our foes know exactly how to pit us against each other while the calmly beg, steal or commit treason to win at all costs. They also have the infrastructure in place to cause confusion and sow hate against us. However, I still think 2018/2020 is ours to win or lose. We have good candidates which if we promoted now and started letting them know now where the lines are, would be a vast improvement over where we are now. Let’s build on the people we have, not demand Bernie save us from ourselves. Maybe Bernie was our Ross Perot: a great messenger, but not the guy to necessarily take the ball against the goal line. We are all in this together, we need to start paying attention to this or it’s game over. History shows us; change comes incrementally peacefully, or overnight violently. Lets all make the right choice while we still have a choice to make. I’ll not get down off my soap box. Thanks for reading this far. Even if we don’t agree on anything I only wish good things for you and your family.

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