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Clockwork Orangutan could be the surest sign that there is a last, dying gasp of breath for government by the people. The lamentable sonafabitch was elected by the rules.

Republicans ran a prayer breakfast for The Camp Fire Girls with proceeds going to widowed grandmothers when compared and contrasted with the democratic primary.  All of it still the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen on TV.

I wouldn’t let this goofecock near my children or let him touch my cats.  If he was begging outside a convenience store, I’d buy more feminine hygiene products than needed for the women in my life so I could pelt him with them on the way to my car.

Because he is a cunt.

That’s my disclaimer because otherwise the Hillbot jackasses would knee jerk to me being a Trump supporter or a misogynist.  The cheapest, laziest and most intellectually dishonest arguments available.

Because they are cunts too.

He got over 60 million people to believe he was something he wasn’t.  He did not cheat.  He lied.  They all do. This man who smells desperation and vulnerability like a pig hunting truffles. He rocked a goddamn kazoo.  Hillary and the DNC were the worst high school marching band any parade has ever seen.  Dissonant and undisciplined to the point of cacophony.  They couldn’t even figure out a message that would resonate because she was completely full of shit.

He’s not going to be indicted or impeached for election fraud, conspiracy or collusion with the Russians, because it didn’t happen.  He played one note.  Over and over.  On a goddamned kazoo.

He’s merely a symptom.

Meanwhile, democrats are actively courting pro life candidates as a solution somehow, to losing every race in sight for the last decade.  They say it’s an opportunity to compromise and attract more right of center voters.

You can’t make this shit up.

Howard Dean, the former presidential candidate turned big pharma lobbyist, now openly opposing single payer health care while running Hillary’s Super PAC, says progressives are “whiny” and don’t want to win because they want “purity”.

Howard Dean needs to sick up that turd he always looks like he just gulped and blow me.

It is inestimable that these party boss jackwagons can’t figure this simplest of shit out.  It’s still, “the economy stupid”.  The majority of registered voters remember when it was possible to have a house, adequate health care, two cars, two college educations, retirement and vacations on a single salary.    If they run another bullshit, bought and paid for neoliberal, he or she will fucking lose and we continue to fold into a third world country because democrats continue to marginalize themselves into a vacuum.

Democrats were supposed to be the bulwark.

It gives me pause.

Republicans love this shit.

Fuck them too.

Drinks for my friends





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