Fire is horror like a steel bucket with claws at the
end of a pneumatically muscled arm swinging towards your head. Ever seen one of those beasts on a construction site punching the

Fire is that. It is that to our instincts.

Our fear of it resides in the stems of our brains.
Humans did not invent fire, We stumbled upon it. We
found it and stuck our hand in it. Eventually we
undertook a serious discipline of burning ever larger
numbers of our own kind as quickly and as effectively as

We tripped over Fire, and that begat nuclear bombs.

Yesterday, the sycophantic panty wastes over at Fox floated a
malodorous air biscuit live on TV that suggested Southern California
burns at the behest of Al-Qaeda.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Kinda like thinking Dick-in-Bush were at the very
least complicit in events on 9/11. Wait. Strike
that. I think they just mighta been.

So anyway, this is where we are. California burns and
the flat earthers, the ones that can’t get their simple heads around evolution, grow a compulsion to inject the anemic specter of
terrorism into the fray.


Arsonists? Sure.

But Al-Qaeda? Seriously? We are goddamn idiots for
living in a country where a major media outlet could
see fit to broadcast such hollow horseshit.

Honestly, where does this leave us? Depraved.
Morally and ethically bankrupt. Not because of sex on
TV. Not because of drugs and pornography.

But because of pedophile priests, and dickhead
politicians so crooked they can only piss over a shoulder. That was funny. Because we flirt with theocracy as we race headlong for plutocracy. Because we are nearly hopelessly derailed by a ubiquitous modern media.

An entire culture constructed around looking in a mirror and being profoundly but pleasantly decieved by what you see. Even on TV, there’s always someone worse off than you or at least uglier.

And always, a plethora of things to make you feel better.

It only takes one dipshit at the proverbial water
cooler to say he heard Al-Qaeda was behind “The
Wildfires” and they tell two friends and……….feel

Then they talk about last night’s reality TV cadaver.

Then sports or sudoku or Ellen’s fucking dog.

We don’t talk about “IT” enough. The 800 pound
gorilla. The headlong. The nosedive. The faceplant.

The “Fucked” that we just may be. How do we introduce
that legislation into the public zeitgeist? How do
we get that bill to play in Peoria and to the rest of the unwashed?

I’m a little upset. coming soon.

Drinks for my friends.

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