Does this look infected to you?

Our little paste eater Kucinich pissed all over Darth Cheney yesterday.

I’ll begin by saying that I’m not willing to discount the role of hubris and posterity here. It is however, exceptionally brave, given that Mr. Kucinich aspires to be President and what he’s done here is opposed vehemently by the leadership of his own party.

Well, opposed by giant vaginas like Harry and Nancy. Reid and Pelosi. A sitcom about fearful, nervous elected representatives who find themselves so fearful they cannot operate in the interest of the people.

I am impressed. The little paste eater from Ohio is not here to fuck around. He undertakes and follows through on an endeavor that may be judged as magnanimous, artful and just; prosecuted for the good of the people, in the interest of subverting a consumate evil that jerked the wheel and steers America down a very bad road.

Or, when the empire suffers no restraint whatsoever, Mr. Kucinich will be seen as having pissed into the inevitable wind of greed and power. Perhaps hubris, posterity and humility.

What this man did yesterday is now a permanent part of the Congressional record. He conducted himself with aplomb and conviction. The case he made was intelligent and compelling. Richard Bruce Cheney should be tried for high crimes et. al.

This man, Dennis Kucinich, rocks.

Watch and listen.

Meanwhile, back at the theater of short attention spans and willfull ignorance, a young black man who may or may not have sold his political soul, battles an older establishment white woman who most definitely has.

They dominate our attention. Woe is us.

There are two candidates. Two. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are the only two running for president who give a mad fuck about your future and the future of us. There are but two who presume to talk about the kind of change that might reverse this descent into the maelstrom.

You people scare me because your eyes are not on the ball.

We have far less than one year.

C’mon now. IS coming.

Drinks for my friends.

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