The deal is this:

America tortures people. Americans are complicit in
allowing the torture of innocents to occur. Americans
don’t care.

Could this be true?

It pains me to point out that at least the last
sentence is specifically true.

“America” doesn’t torture, “Americans” are not directly complicit.
Yet it’s true when I say that Americans don’t care.

Perhaps just as sad, the rest of the world pretty much
believes the first two sentences to be absolutely
true. And they have a point. Because if Americans
knew what the rest of the civilized world

See what I’m saying?

Why don’t we know?

Whatever the reason we don’t know, it won’t let us off the hook, because all three statements are true. Americans are complicit in torture and we really are incapable of giving anything beyond less than a mad fuck.

Sometimes it all seems so hopeless.

A new Attorney General for America was approved by our
Senate last week. It goes without saying that the
shoes this poor sap steps into are filled with all
kinds of rot, foul, fish gore and insect larvae in a mature
and robust decay.

Bear with me, I’m assembling a burger.

Mukasey will need surgery on his stumps before
Dick-in-Bush skip off stage doing the best they can to
avoid looking like they’re being chased.

This man couldn’t speak ill of Waterboarding because
he claimed not to know exactly what it was. How
the fuck does one get nominated for Attorney
General of the United States of America without
knowing what waterboarding is?

He was obviously in laconic opposition to the Constitution about
silly things like privacy et al. as well.

You know, that illegal wire tapping/spying/monitoring stuff?

That comes up tommorrow and Feinstein will probably fold and all the fat telecom conglomerates will be immune from prosecution for spying on us illegally the second that turd leaves the Judiciary and hits the floor.

I digress. Another obsequious fucking meat puppet standing in the
same place Bobby Kennedy once did. Michael Mukasey.

The invertebrates held the gates open. They insured
him an “up or down vote” on the floor of the Senate
where his confirmation was a given.

OUR invertebrates. Schumer, who with righteous
indignation, brought this malleable dickhead to this
rodeo. He and our esteemed liberal from California,
Feinstein, held the gate open into the Senate
judiciary committee. And out.

This after Schumer beat Gertie (Gonzales) like a baby
seal on national TV. What new hypocritical devilry is

We now have no excuse for not knowing. The practice
of “rendition” has been documented everywhere. It’s
been covered by 60 Minutes and CNN. Waterboarding

Gitmo and abu Ghraib and torture. America tortures.
We drown and electrocute. We beat and humiliate.

America is guilty and hands itself a pass with this
asshat Mukasey.

“Who are these men of lust, greed, and glory?
Rip off the masks and let’s see.
But that’s no right – oh no, what’s the story?
There’s you and there’s me” -Supertramp “Crime Of The Century”

What have we become when the political party that has
staked it’s reputation on civil rights and truth and
justice for all, presides over this level of of overt
fuckery so successfully as to make it appear as not
but a covert whisper?

A once prestigious office designed to direct it’s
concern towards the rule of law and order exclusive to
any other ideal has fallen so far in so short a time
into the soil of common fear and manipulation.

Coated with human waste, the office of Attorney General of The
United States of America now paddles in the thick
sewage of executive deception and crime with the only
goal being to save these bastards, Dick-in-Bush, from
prosecution until they are confronted by the onus of
law that says they must go.

Fuck these fucks. Man I hate these fucks. Man.

Ashcroft was really bad news. Breasts on national monuments caused him to sputter and drool. Dancing was evil. He was tragically disturbed.

Gonzales was actually worse. He was truly evil and blind shithouse crazy loyal. Abstained from thinking for his fellow human at age six. Nearly a stereotypical sociopath. Probably a cool hang at a BBQ.

And now, for all intents and purposes, we have
a dickhead like Mukasey clutching a golden ticket
handed to him by our own.

Really good show you fucks.

I doubt I could be more thrilled that we handed you
assholes the majority.

Maybe you should have given Dick-in-Bush another 200
billion for the war at the same time and gone home

Drinks for my friends.

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