Tapdancing Pancakes

I find myself again in position to beg your indulgence for the day’s most prominent issue.

See, what I can’t quite digest is the idea that somehow Our Man’s biggest liability has become his charisma. The great unwashed have been convinced to be suspicious of Obama’s incredible gravity.

They pay no time or mind to why he’s in possession of such copious magnetism. What the hopeful see in him. They have yet to ask themselves exactly why he is so special.

Instead, they choose to impugn him for it. Millions of knees jerking in unison.

Ignorant fucks.



Fear of the unfamiliar. Fear of anything they have been too afraid to attempt to understand.

Cowardice. The real sissies in America are the intellectually incurious. They hide behind it to be judgmental and intolerant.

Fuck me if that isn’t silly. Ignorance as shield is no excuse.

An open mind does not make one more vulnerable. It does make one far more likely to be enlightened.

Like compulsory probing by my tongue of a sore in my mouth, I can’t seem to help checking things twice.

I don’t understand why other people don’t do that. It’s simple. And the world is a huge ass canker.

Maybe these idiots aren’t suffering from the advanced, potentially cancerous scurvy Dick-in-Bush have left us liberals with. It’s a conspiracy!

It’s either that or they’re really stupid. Or both.

If you’re considering voting for McCain, I don’t doubt you’re among at least half of the people discussed in this blog and you may just be a complete idiot.

After all, I hear they can make “pancakes tapdance”. -Paul Mooney

Drinks for my friends.

2 Responses to “Tapdancing Pancakes”

  • I remember talking to one of The Boys (er, party-line-rehearsed-Republicans) recently and I couldn’t help but remind him of one of the things that I was so amused by. That, in respect to the consecutive ’04 and ’08 elections, history is going to be required to mention theft… and the black guy won’t even be mentioned.

    Even the way Our Man handled the Uhurus here on his recent visit to my hometown of St. Petersburg a week ago was impressive. The Boys do NOT know how to compute this shit at all. They absolutely cannot think for themselves. It’s uncanny. Very reminiscent of a buncha football goons having to go back to the huddle to hear the head goon’s version of the coach’s speculation how to deal with whatever situation. The only way not to go berzerk is to spin it comedic…at least for me. I don’t know how Our Man does it. He’s good.

    I’d LOVE to hear the jokes on his plane though.

  • admin:

    I’m confused. Are you talking about the ’00 and 04 elections or are you predicting that grandiose of a theft this time around?

    He is impressive and the guy who made the mainstream media from that group was an ignorant dipshit.

    Yup, humor is my thing. I do strive to bring it.

    You know they’re laughing on that plane.

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