I just had to say

Forgive me for indulging yet again in the topic of the most singular contest of the day, but the news is a little slow and I needed to point out that McCain is waltzing with the Devil and he sucks at dancing in three.

Doubtfire accuses Our Man of naivete by disparaging his advice to keep your car properly tuned and your tires at pressure.

It makes sense. Three or four percent savings off the top. Immediately. Good answer.

It is the most honest short term solution that has been uttered thus far. Like sixteen cents a gallon right now.

The Bootlicker would mock our man for this. Passing out tire pressure gauges with “Obama’s Energy Plan” printed on them. Clueless dickhead.

Our man had this to say, “It’s like these guys take pride in being ignorant,” -CNN


McCain likes to talk about Obama not favoring nuclear power. A “zero emission” energy resource, he’d have you believe.

Bullshit. We still have no idea what to do with the waste. It occurs to me that the most indefectibly toxic, and therefore deadly waste known to humans, waste we have no place to put, renders the zero emission argument way bogus.

Until we figure out what to do with nuclear waste, it’s a spectacularly dumb idea.

The pasty little bastard would also have you believe because Our Man opposes anything but the most limited offshore drilling, he’s an elitist who doesn’t feel your pain.

See, here’s the deal, no matter how much oil they find off our coasts, it won’t amount to dick for a decade and not fuck all even then. McCain was in opposition to more domestic drilling than had already been approved until last month, when he changed his mind.

That’s “flip flopped” in the accepted journalistic vernacular.

Guess what happened next?

His campaign contributions from big oil went up by five hundred percent. Oil is down about fifteen percent as of today. Go figure.

He released an ad today by the way. In that ad, nestled in a basket among half a dozen other spurious proclamations, is the assertion that he has and will continue to stand up to big oil.

This guy is full of shit. He’s got nothing so he’s starting to lie. He’s not here to fuck around. He tossing tactical nuke sized lies. Not mere falsehoods that smear his opponent. No. Lies that compromise his very own bad self. He’s a fool and he’s pitiful.

He’s a joke.

Beware The Ides of March Mr. McCain, lest ye be subject to the tyrannicide your would be predecessor and former adversary has so far escaped. His peril and that of his surrounding is far from decided.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Reiyalight1:

    Red is for Puntata’s and lovers; For the stage presentation of the Bible circa 1995 I am casting myself as a Mary Of Magdalene character; was she a prostitute, or bisexual or something? Red Snapper gets to play the role of the Virgin Mary, who I believe was an authentic virgin, whom bore Jesus. Metis, & her partner gets to play the Inn keeper, and I’d like to see her do the costumes as well. You know old fashion. Max should really play the role of a Roman. Of course Hunter plays God, and Michael writes the script, plays Moses, and perhaps a Roman, or St. Paul. Can we replace Israel for NV as if Jerusalem in now Virgina city, Rhyolite,NV or Comstock Park,MI? D.D, G.G. and Chevy, aka as Big K, play the wise men of course!

  • David Lee 3:

    “and he sucks at dancing in three”

    & you fucking crack ME up. Must be a writer thing.

  • admin:

    I’m both pleased and gratified that you got it. A waltz after all. You’ve made my day.

  • David Lee 3:

    I prefer 6/8 usually, it’s just jazzier

  • LADA:

    Wasn’t Obama’s statement that we could save all the oil they are talking about drilling just by airing up our tires and getting tuneups? I haven’t actually heard anybody say that keeping your tires inflated is a bad thing or that it can’t increase fuel mileage but to suggest that it will save all the oil that we can drill in the U.S. is truly a stupid remark. I wonder when was the last time Obama or anyone reading this blog had their fuel injected vehicle tuned up. Another retarded remark. I know you will say that someone asked him what they could do and he said air up your tires and that would be great except for the pesky little thing called video. Yes, I have seen the speech he was giving when he said the dumb remarks and there was no Q&A going on. I’d like to go on about how pathetic both candidates are but that would take me all day. What makes me mad is that I am being forced to vote for McCain who I think will be a disaster in the white house. Too bad Obama’s personal story and his policies make McCain seem like a great choice.

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