A many splendored thing

I use this forum for what pisses me off.  I imagine I’m justified in doing so because I know that Americans are consistently guilty of not paying enough attention to what’s really important.  We don’t pay enough attention to bacon for example.  And I rarely discuss love.  I don’t ignore it entirely but I do tend to forsake it here.

See, I’m like the rest of you I hope.  I rail against the world and it’s profound inequities, but I still love fiercely.  I am lucky to have the love of a good woman, family and friends.  They are all good and loving people and it’s their capacity for love that inspires me.  I love and adore my kitties.  My friends are the best I could possibly hope for.  My family is just sublime.  The woman in my life has the kindest eyes and the biggest heart I’ve ever seen.  They all inspire me to do better and to be better.

I’m not sure how I came to be so fortunate.  But I did.  I somehow managed to cultivate relationships with people I’d never met before who eventually came to love me and far more important, I came to love them.  I love my kitties by taking care of them, feeding them and rubbing them and kissing their gorgeous faces and heads.  And I talk to them.   I adore them.  People aren’t much different.  The ones I love I try to kiss their heads and rub on them as often as possible.  And I talk to them.  It’s kinda corny and rather basic I know but it’s how I do it.  They all seem to like it.  If my mother were here I’d kiss her face and rub her feet.  And we would talk.

I welcome the debate about what makes the world go round.  Love or money.  The answer is definitely money.  But the answer really should be love.  It’s a shame it’s not.  It’s what’s wrong with just about everything.  The chasm between the two is absolutely the source of our strife and trouble.  It is where we all fall down.

I’m not here to preach or pontificate some feel good message.  I’m telling you the truth.  The lack of compassion in the world, compassion being the beginning of love, is why we’re so deep in the messes we are.

Necessary logic of the heart neglected and pushed aside.

I can’t begin to describe how my heart fairly bursts when my mother asks me if I have enough clothes for my new job, or how my one cat hollers at me before I put my key in the lock of my shitty little apartment or how my woman rubs me to sleep when I’m balled up and stressed enough to the point where I feel I can’t get enough oxygen.

I do the best I can.  What more can you do on Mother’s day but tell your mom you love her and mean it?  I pick up that cat before I turn on some lights and right after I unlock the door.  I do the best I can to tell and show that woman I love her even though she can’t remember to fill the ice trays.  I think she’s a little crazy and forgets to do it on purpose because she indulges me in every other possible way.

I could be wrong about this, but she’s hot.

So anyway, it’s the deeper part of it.  It’s what competes with it.  What competes with humanity?  What competes with love?

The answer is just about everything.  And that’s the problem that doesn’t seem to have an answer.  There doesn’t seem to be a single answer for everything much less anything.

But there is.

Think about it.  Think hard.  Because there is an answer.

It’s what they meant forty or fifty years ago.  You know, the hippies.

Peace.  Love. Understanding.

Those I love so fiercely should be loved by everyone and I wish I could love everyone else half as fiercely.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Mike Saraceno:

    Good read man….good read. Slightly off of the subject, Neb and I are in the middle of writing another tune. The chorus is to die for. I don’t mean to sound ridiculous….but seriously dude…a total fucking Babe Ruth pointing his bat over the stadium wall home run! When we have a decent recording I’ll email it to you. Peace.

  • Mike-
    Good stuff Sir! A+

  • Peggy in Texas:

    Again, you nailed it … peace and love, baby … great day to you. 🙂

  • Beth:

    Any man who adores his cats AND his woman is OK in my book! 😉

  • Linda BlueEyes:

    I agree completely. Thanks for the good read!

  • Jane Pitts Greer, MSW:

    Money is the essential it makes love so much easier as I reflect– if you have a woman who comforts you and covers you hell with the ice trays baby be happy and enjoy the peace and safety–

  • Barbara From FB:

    You’re wrong, though, Michael. Money doesn’t trump love. Nothing trumps love unless you let it. Love does make YOUR world go ’round, and mine, too, because you and I have the correct perspective. We know what the correct priorities are and we build our own personal worlds around them. It’s the folks out there who think otherwise who are confused and deluded. They are living in terrible worlds of their own making. If they’re lucky, they’ll find out before it’s too late.

  • Teresa:

    Oh Michael, you’ve done it again. Very beautifully spoken. Thank you!

  • Marla T:

    “Those I love so fiercely should be loved by everyone and I wish I could love everyone else half as fiercely.”

    A piece of save-me-Jesus sublime.

  • Marian from Ohio:

    Without love what is the point? Love, both giving and receiving, shows that the heart is alive and working.

  • Janet Carter:

    Excellent piece Michael. I too love my kitties very much. Don’t have a man to love but working on that. I’m just too damn picky I guess.

    I love you too Michael. Don’t always agree with you 100 percent but still love your passion, intelligence, and humor. You are a very good guy. Keep up the good work.


    • Michael Douglass:

      Thank you so very much. I’m just happy you read and get what I’m saying. I can only hope you feel as hard as I do.

  • Tracy Knauss:

    Heartgiven. Heartfelt. A wonderful essay on the essence of what’s ailing America. Too much greed created from not enough love and not enough compassion or empathy. It may indeed come down to how an individual’s brain is hard wired. Some recent research indicates so. Regardless, compassion can be learned through personal experience. After all is said and done and nothing’s left, we can’t eat money. We, as a species could be so magnificent in our stewardship or our planet and our personal relationships. But less than 1% of humans have an internal greed mechanism that drives them to insane lengths to take everyone else’s money. Thanks Michael for the beautiful thoughts and for sharing them with people who take the time to stop and listen. MoonWatchers we are.

  • hey Michael, lovely piece. I feel like crying it was so sweet!!! 😉 What competes with love? You have aptly demonstrated how love is felt and demonstrated towards and with another. Love takes two. In our love, we are connected and intimate with another. Love’s competition? Self. Self orientation. No connection or fear of an intimate connection with another. So one replaces it with selfishness and greed basically. When one takes another into consideration, decisions are more respectful and equitable. When one only thinks of and considers themselves, decisions can harm or detract from others. Hence comes injustice, anger, rationalization and war. I like to think of love as a conscious, living energy field. (In Chinese philosophy – that conscious energy lives in the chambers of our heart). The more we love, connect with and think of others, like a flower love grows. The more we judge, divide, hate and disconnect from others – like a flower, love can be choked out and die. It’s up to us to keep love alive. We can do so by respecting others and connecting to them. For the haters, war mongers, selfish greedy liars & cheats, the intimacy of love and connection is too scary, risky and painful – wounded in childhood or whatever. To love we must heal. I think maybe that’s why Jesus was known to be a healer.

    Thank you for your work. I’m always inspired. Glad to hear you have a great mom and a good woman. And of course a cat to love. Life is good quite often.

    Heal, peace, love.

  • You’re not supposed to bring tears to my eyes damn it! Thank you for sharing with me … let me share something wonderful with you —> http://www.youtube.com/user/NewStandMedia?feature=mhee

  • Michael Douglass:

    I haven’t clicked on the link yet but I’m happy I affected you. I will click on what you’ve shared.

  • kristen morris jackson:

    Beautifully stated and agreed 1,000,000,000%!

  • Cheryl:

    Very nice Michael!! Wish there were more men like you who love and appreciate what they have.

  • Rhonda Z:

    I loved this, and I love this side of you. Well, I love all the sides of you, but I really connected with the compassion. Love is a choice. I choose love most days! You are blessed and you know it. Most people don’t know it or don’t acknowledge it. I am happy for you and send you blessings, always!

    Rhonda Z

  • Dorothy:

    This is the most perfect day for me to read this! Here is why, as I have already described on FB. I am an Artist that makes work that is extremely difficult and a tedious process. It usually produces a beautiful, shiny, glimmery piece of “kitsch”. There is a thing called good kitsch and one called bad. The black velvet Elvis, Sexpot, Tiger “paintings” border on the bad side. My objects, if I may say so border on the ever so lovely kitsch! A somewhat conveluted concept but one never the less. Let me get to the point. I gave one of these pieces to a once really good friend. Birthday gift.
    I phoned this friend yesterday to inquire if they could photo it because I am trying to build a website. I was told it was thrown in the trash as it had broken upon arrival last Oct. Never once before just yesterday was I told this. I am an Artist and know how to ship delicate pieces. It was not broken if I has thousands upon thousands of the Almighty Dollors to lay a wager. Truth is, and I shall only speak the truth, is that we had what I conceder a minor falling out. Minor. I am old enough to know the difference between major and minor.
    It was when I hung up that the tears came on an involventary basis. Sat and cried my eyes out!! Today is still difficult.
    After reading your lovely post I have come to the sad conclusion that this person has lost the love in soul, spirit and in the simple way that loving is! I will take this as another life lesson that most usually teach me something about the human heart. There is a huge difference in being a “person” or a “human being”! Ghandi was a human being. Mother Thersa was a human being plus lead a life of promised poverty. She was, however, born into a wealthy family. Love, caring for the weak and infirm made her a human being of the highest quality.
    Thankfully Karma really does work as I have a ton of love in my heart for my family and friends. This friend has lost the love and is enamored by that Almighty Dollar. I am not. We live in an older home that needs multiple repairs, painting, plus a new roof. I could not be any happier with my extrodinary family, miserable cat a goldfish and a Beta. Yes there are in separate bowls for those aquatic lovers out there. I have my studio filled to the gills with supplies for making kitsch art. I am happy.

  • Sandra Wilson:

    Peace, love and understanding….so well said, Michael. I totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mandy Andersonn:

    Exactly, Michael. Love won’t feed you, but it will make hunger easier to bear. It won’t clothe you, but it will give you warmth. It won’t house you, but it will shelter you. Money can give you all these things, but it can’t give you love itself.

  • Tricia:

    Enjoyed this piece – the first of yours I’ve read. Looking forward to more.

  • Pam Veselinovic:

    The softer side of Mike? I remember that side quite clearly from years ago. You had a broken heart. Remember that? Ghosts from the past. I’m glad you have someone to rub you to sleep when you need it. Keep those deep thoughts coming!

  • Dorothy:

    I wrote a rather lengthy but what I concider to be a great and happy reply. I do not see it anywhere. Is there a problem with displaying it? Very confused……

  • Wow, Michael…now THIS is a deeper, more sensual…more in-your-face empathetic side of you I’ve never seen before. I so LOVE this! Your mom must be proud to call you “son”. 🙂 <3 & Light — CA

  • Hey Bongripper, I’m with Dorthy up there. Although my reply was not lengthy, nor was it great or happy- well it was happy but not without base stupidity. It was a one word reply, sort of a baiting three letter non PC F-word that ignored the fact that you so obviously favor the curvier gender.

    Oh well, here’s another. Love is a many suspendered thing. It can’t keep it’s pants up without elastic help. Love is like tire spikes at a parking lot. And that goes for cats too…

  • Junior's Ghost:

    I lost my mother last summer. I was last in a serious relationsip with a woman in 2002. I work two jobs and still can’t pay the bills. As a fellow liberal male. I would be more than happy to share your optomism is I had any capacity to carry it. I’m im a world of hurt right now and optomism just doesn’t cut the mustard right now.

  • Mary Crook:

    I LOVE YOU! Ok… I don’t know you, but I love your outlook, your love for your woman and your love for your kitties. 😀 The world would be a better place if everyone loved… period. *HUGS and rubs your head*

    BTW… I’m now following your blog and it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do . 🙂

  • Kimberly:

    Michael, I so enjoyed reading your testimony on the value of love in our lives and in our society. I always look forward to your submissions. “Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.Love possesses not nor would it be possessed;
    For love is sufficient unto love.” ~Kahlil Gibran

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