We need to tolerate other people’s beliefs but we sure as hell don’t have to respect them.

I loathe Ann Coulter.  A lying, intellectually lazy opportunist who trades in bigotry and fear for profit.  The cheapest possible example of an entertainer.  If she were an attorney she’d be practicing personal injury, chasing ambulances and advertising on late night cable. I picture her on a bus bench with a pornographic spray paint makeover.

I bet her parents are in hiding.

She has no redeemable qualities.

She looks like her breath stinks.

With that off my chest, I’m profoundly disappointed her access to speak at University of California at Berkely was denied.

Factions of the left are getting a little too shrill for my taste.  They flirt too sexy with censorship.  I can’t help but be reminded of tea party dipshits, mouth breathing their way through rallies to keep government hands of their government furnished medicare and government furnished social security.

Government (constitutional) guaranteed free speech.

Ann Coulter was prevented from speaking because of threats of violence from leftist activists and the university’s lack of certainty in protecting her.  I don’t blame the university.  I blame the youthful zealots.

Why bother championing a voice for the oppressed?   Why bother celebrating free speech for the down trodden, if you seek to censor with a threat of mayhem or physical harm to the antagonist or those that would hear them?

Intellectually belligerent.

Imagine if the powers that be allowed it and she appeared before an empty venue because there was a crazy successful boycott.  That would make headlines.  Good ones.  She has that coming because she’s full of shit.

Passive, agnostic, non-violent excoriation.


The youthful left has gotten out over its skis here.  They believe their actions now are somehow anodyne. I vehemently disagree.  It’s shameful.  It’s disgusting. You whippersnappers are one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle but you need to get off this lawn.

Hold on to your intellectual integrity, your honor, or everything including your credibility is lost.

Grow the fuck up.

Drinks for my friends.


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